Dornenreich – Du wilde Liebe sei

Austrian band Dornenreich reaches a crucial milestone with the release of the ninth album “Du wilde Liebe sei” which embodies their signature black arcane rock style.
A darkened aura surrounds “So ruf’ sie wach das Sehnen” as the alluring mix of soulful acoustic phrases and gritty guitar progressions ultimately creates a contemplative sonic realm further embellished by sublime violin melodies.
“In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht” can offer heavier rhythmic dynamics due to the edgy guitar riffs while the intricate melodic patterns highlight a charming folk inspiration with eloquent violins.
The theatrical vocals on “Dein knöchern’ Kosen” immediately emphasize a dark mood that becomes even more palpable when the raw guitar riffs and the tribal drums skillfully build a bold rhythmic tension.
“Der Freiheit Verlangen nach goldenen Ketten” revolves around contrasting feelings as the magical violin and the soothing arpeggios can easily evoke sheer melancholia while the guitar work and the vocals reveal a mysterious essence.
On “Sie machen Mangel zum Geschenk” guitars and drums create a fervent rhythmic rampage while the violin continues to spellbind the listeners with sophisticated classical nuances and catchy melodies.
The final track “Freiheit erlösen” conveys a sense of tranquility focusing on the emotional themes as the captivating neofolk harmonies flourish within the gentle acoustic ensemble and the dreamy violin melodies.
Exploring all the aspects of love throughout “Du wilde Liebe sei”, Dornenreich confidently manifest a mesmerizing sonic vision that naturally leads to gorgeous elaborate soundscapes.

Dordeduh – Har

Romanian band Dordeduh has developed a unique artistic vision on the ambitious sophomore release “Har” which dwells within a darkened world drawing inspiration also from ancient traditions.
“Timpul întâilor” opens the album with arcane atmospheric nuances and the eloquent folk tinged melodies will always hold a dominant role evoking sombre feelings further enhanced by the soulful clean vocal delivery while pummeling drums and crunchy riffage can easily build a significantly heavier blackened momentum.
“În vieliștea uitării” relies on the perfect combo of dreamy atmospheric arrangements and refined melodic guitar phrases expressing a profound sense of nostalgia yet there is still space for energetic rhythmic patterns amplified by belligerent growls.
On “Descant” the guitar work triggers a catchy rhythm but can also craft mellow melodic progressions embellished by the cinematic nature of the atmospheric layers that will often acquire opulent epic nuances.
On “Vraci de nord” the intricate atmospheric keyboards and the delicate guitar harmonies take you far away in the middle of an ancient forest enhancing the presence of folk elements in contrast with the obscure blackened force of the heavier rhythmic patterns.
The multifaceted approach on “De neam vergur” combines immersive melodic passages featuring luminous guitar tonalities and interesting proggy rhythmic dynamics that will eventually evolve into an ominous ensemble channeling once again cold extreme metal influences.
The strength of “Har” certainly comes from the great sonic diversity as Dordeduh invite you to embark on a journey into the unknown carefully blending magical melodies and fiery black metal elements.


Norway based band NOÊTA crafts haunting soundscapes expressing a genuine emotional whirlwind throughout the enticing sophomore full length “Elm”.
“Dawn Falls” opens the album with a series of exquisite acoustic melodies that effortlessly open the portal to a dreamy world where the enchanting vocals become your spiritual guide and convey poignant feelings.
On “As I Fall Silent” the comforting arpeggios accompanied by fragile vocals continue to focus on strong emotions while a darkly enigmatic atmospheric ensemble seems to emerge from a distant dimension.
Since the beginning “Above And Below” is surrounded by a subtle dark aura emphasized by the barren hazy harmonies yet the ethereal vocals can evoke a pale sense of hopefulness and spiritual peacefulness.
“As We Are Gone” belongs to a magical forest as the folk nuances will influence the graceful acoustic tonalities enhanced by the impeccable vocal performance and the immersive atmospheric textures.
On the evocative title track the whispered vocals and the elegant acoustic phrases certainly do not need any bombastic effect to create spellbinding melodic passages and stylish dark ambient tapestries.
Following a minimalistic songwriting approach on “Elm” NOÊTA successfully creates a surreal sonic realm where luminous vocals, poetic melodies and darkened feelings become naturally entwined.

Empyrium – Über Den Sternen

Featuring talented artists Markus Stock and Thomas Helm, German folk/doom metal band Empyrium returns with the highly anticipated full length “Über Den Sternen” inspired by the romanticism and the ancient myths of their homeland. 

Exquisite arpeggios and cello harmonies introduce the melancholic world of “The Three Flames Sapphire” where the graceful acoustic phrases and the charismatic vocal delivery convey a folk grandeur that will eventually embrace heavier & darker rhythmic crescendos. 

The solemn atmosphere of “A Lucid Tower Beckons On The Hills Afar” acquires arcane nuances emphasized by the presence of darker guitar riffs and growls while the operatic vocals enrich the grave tonalities of the sophisticated melodic passages that will evolve into a dreamy folk realm as the soothing acoustic ensemble takes the center stage. 

“The Oaken Throne” provides another overdose of pure melancholia focusing on contemplative folk vibes as the delicate arpeggios accompanied by the sublime cello melodies seem to emerge from an enchanted forest and naturally reach the acme with a poignant rhythmic crescendo. 

“The Wild Swans” perfectly manifests the balance between the otherworldly melodic ensemble and the dark depths of doom metal as the vocals shift from majestic operatic style to tormented growls while the harrowing rhythmic patterns become entwined with the refined acoustic moments.  

The detailed composition behind the title track generates a majestic opus as the primal doom force inevitably thrives within the crestfallen guitar work and the monumental rhythmic section yet the mystical essence often prevails through the cathartic acoustic melodies and the dreamlike atmospheric arrangements. 

The poetic flair of “Über Den Sternen” is evident from beginning to end as Empyrium continue to develop a mesmerizing sonic vision and masterfully create magical folk soundscapes without sacrificing the intense darkness of their doom metal roots.

Imha Tarikat – Sternenberster

German blackened metallers Imha Tarikat unleash a savage sonic assault on the latest offering “Sternenberster” lyrically inspired by psychoanalysis and especially dream interpretation. 

The explosive nature of the whole album comes to life on “Ekstase ohne Ende” as the gelid guitar tonalites can lead to elegant melodic progressions and complex soloing while the heavier riffage and the tormented growls spontaneously generate a chaotic momentum.  

Certainly “Kreuzpunkt der Schicksale” holds the raw energy of punk yet the coldest blackened essence is bound to prevail as the unrestrained rhythmic section acquires speed to unleash ravenous blasts. 

“Brand am Firmament” relies on the lugubrious guitar tonalities and the full-throttled vocals to fuel a relentless blackened onslaught enriched by an intriguing series of intricate leads and a sorrowful acoustic finale. 

“Aufstieg” is full of extra heavy rhythmic dynamics as the aggressive drumming seems unstoppable yet the fancy guitar leads and the mournful calmer passages will add a necessary diversity. 

The title track channels some epic vibes through the hostile grooves created by violent riffage and monumental drumming and further amplified by the primal energy of the growls that ultimately lead to a twisted blackened vision. 

On “Sternenberster” Imha Tarikat confidently create an obscure sonic realm where the intense rhythmic rampage feels just like a cosmic outburst.  

Fortið – World Serpent

Icelandic black metal band Fortið returns with the ambitious sixth full-length “World Serpent” which consists of two halves of five songs each that complement each other despite manifesting divergent artistic visions and different line-ups. 

The epic and obscure atmospheric arrangements of the intro “AI 2020” foreshadow the arcane motifs that on “The True Awakening” will lead to fierce rhythmic dynamics fueled by the sharp guitar riffs and gelid melodic phrases channeling a true Nordic metal essence. 

“Controlled Patterned Mental Process” follows a faster blackened rhythm as the belligerent combo of riffage and drumming seems unstoppable until guitars begin to craft soothing melodic passages leading to a fascinating solo in the midst of a sombre atmosphere. 

The recurring mellow guitar melodies on “Son Of A Barren Land” evoke melancholia and grief accompanied by a sorrowful vocal delivery yet the mood will change as the rhythmic section and the vicious growls unleash an inflamed blackened energy following a faster ominous tempo. 

Throughout “Beyond the Grips Of Odium” the relentless riffs maintain a frenetic blackened momentum while vocals naturally shift from tormented growls to a solemn clean delivery reminiscent of a Viking metal glory also enhanced by the elaborate lead guitar work. 

The dystopian atmospheric tapestries of “Perfect Annihilation” introduce a darkened rhythmic ensemble that amplifies the intricate dynamics and the essential role of the stellar guitar solos which convey a glowing melodic essence. 

The apocalyptic theme of “World Serpent” spontaneously generates a darkened sonic realm where the primal blackened essence is destined to prevail even if Fortið certainly showcase artistic freedom with a subtle experimental approach.

Katla – Allt þetta helvítis myrkur

Icelandic duo Katla brings to life a mesmerizing artistic vision through the opulent melancholic soundscapes of the sophomore release “Allt þetta helvítis myrkur”.

The immersive voyage begins with the darkened atmospheric soul of “Ást orðum ofar” as enigmatic distorted guitars and solemn vocals eventually evolve into gentle acoustic phrases. 

There are graceful melodic moments on “Villuljós” yet the mood is bound to become increasingly darker as the mournful doom inspiration thrives within the gelid rhythmic ensemble generating heavier riffage and anguished tonalities enriched by an eclectic guitar solo. 

“Sálarsvefn” is drenched in darkness as the intricate synths layers create an arcane atmospheric grandeur and the consequent obscure vibes will naturally lead to a blackened momentum amplified by tormented growls and faster drumming. 

Listening to the title track you feel surrounded by cold winter winds as the cinematic nature is fully expressed by the convoluted atmospheric waves and the harmonious classical tapestries while guitars & vocals focus on an enthralling blend of melancholic phrases and doom elements. 

The complex lengthy track “Svartnætti” can feel like a beautiful daydream due to the peaceful acoustic melodies and the elegant piano yet the inner darkness will often emerge through the faster intense rhythmic crescendos and the harsh tones of the guitar work that lead to a majestic grand finale characterized by epic arrangements & choirs. 

The spiritual connection with the wintry Icelandic landscapes is palpable throughout “Allt þetta helvítis myrkur” as Katla confidently showcase a fascinating songwriting style and embark on a cathartic journey exploring the depths of human emotions.

Völur – Death Cult

Avant-garde Canadian trio Völur invites you to enter the spellbinding dark world of the third full length “Death Cult” which immediately stands out for the intricate composition generating arcane folk doom soundscapes. 

“Inviolate Grove” has a remarkable ritualistic flair and immediately shows the fundamental role of the violin that becomes a spiritual guide through the undiluted darkness crafting intriguing harmonies and even heavier dynamics that shift from classic doom vibes to dissonant twists. 

The doom flair feels strong on “Dead Moon” as the slow cathartic rhythm leads you through a darkened atmospheric grandeur while the bewitching violin melodies can naturally acquire exquisite classical nuances while the tormented screams channel an obscure force. 

The dissonant tonalities and the mystifying chants on “Freyjan Death Cult” foreshadow a perilous descent into an ancestral darkened realm and once again the eclectic violin will surprise you with elegant melodies and primordial rhythmic patterns that ultimately lead to a chaotic momentum reaching the acme with a blistering electric violin solo.  

We are still traveling through the darkest depths as the solemn choirs emphasize the esoteric vibes of ”Reverend Queen” which delivers an overload of mournful rhythmic crescendos that allow the violin to create addictive sinister patterns accompanied by the perfect dosage of harsh growls and precise drumming while in the finale the violin effortlessly crafts gorgeous somber melodies. 

Undoubtedly the strength of “Death Cult” comes from the unique style and the darkly alluring instrumental dynamics that Völur have mastered following a desire to push boundaries and a passionately enigmatic songwriting approach.

Kall – Brand

Founded in 2012 by former members of influential depressive black metal band Lifelover, Swedish progressive blackened band Kall crafts unique soundscapes on the sophomore release “Brand”.

Listening to “Rise” you can immediately perceive Kall’s eclectic music vision as mournful blackened guitar riffs create an introverted instrumental ensemble that will often evolve into intricate melodic passages or heavier abrasive rhythmic patterns. 

“Fervour” is surrounded by a dreamy atmosphere that emphasizes the presence of wistful guitar melodies that at times will embrace darker rhythmic crescendos embellished by the elegant tonalities of the saxophone. 

The mystifying mini opus “Fukta Din Aska” constantly showcases a complex experimental approach offering heavy rhythmic dynamics and obscure tonalities but the direction can change drastically anytime as the moody melodic guitar work and the enticing saxophone channel shoegaze nuances and even chaotic psychedelic vibes. 

“Hide Below” begins with mellow harmonies evoking an immense melancholia that continues to flourish through cathartic rhythmic crescendos as guitars acquire hazy tonalities accompanied by tormented screams to enhance the contemplative momentum that ultimately leads to surreal dissonant progressions. 

While “Brand” is certainly fueled by a darkened enigmatic force Kall tend to surprise the listeners with unusual sounds and unexpected instrumental twists aiming to achieve a distinct sonic identity far from any standard music category. 

The Moon And The Nightspirit – Aether

Since many years Hungarian duo The Moon And The Nightspirit has created mythical folk music that aims to spellbind you once again with the opulent new album “Aether”. 

On the title track the mystical chants guide you through a magical sonic realm where the glowing atmospheric tapestries and the stylish acoustic phrases build enchanting rhythmic crescendos that have the power to take you far away from reality. 

“Kaputlan Kapukon Át” feels like being in the middle of the woods as the folk melodic splendor generates lavish multilayered acoustic progressions and luminous tonalities embellished by delicate vocal harmonies.  

The mood becomes darker on “Égi Messzeségek” as the acoustic arrangements naturally blend mysterious nuances and shimmering harmonies further emphasized by the pulsating rhythm and the contrasting emotions expressed by the vocal duet. 

Listening to “Asha” we’re dreaming the same dream as the wistful acoustic passages, the gorgeous strings and the graceful vocals create intricate melodic waves that can warm your heart. 

With “Aether” The Moon And The Nightspirit have reached a new milestone in their long standing career as all the tracks shine for the meticulous composition and flow like a daydream destined to linger in your mind.