Wilderun – Veil Of Imagination

Boston based progressive metal outfit Wilderun is ready to impress the world with the monumental new album “Veil Of Imagination” focusing on an utterly complex composition that fully demonstrates excellent musicianship and passionate creativity. 

“The Unimaginable Zero Summer” is already an epic mini opus starting with peaceful acoustic harmonies and heartfelt vocals that introduce a multitude of diverse instrumental passages. As the song progresses the eclectic nature becomes even more evident as the band seamlessly shifts from deeply melancholic vibes to more aggressive guitar driven progressions and cavernous growls surrounded by brilliant atmospheric orchestrations and further enriched by the luminous lead guitar work. 

“O Resolution!” seems to be the perfect continuation crafting a terrific blend of grandiose orchestrations and diverse prog oriented rhythmic patterns embellished by imposing choirs while the flamboyant guitar soloing aims to grab your attention with technical accents and fluent bright melodies. 

“Sleeping Ambassadors Of The Sun” continues this magical music journey with bittersweet piano melodies and somber vocals emphasizing a darkened nostalgia that will influence the guitar work generating fiery riffs as well as an intense melodic splendor in the midst of theatrical orchestrations. 

The visionary track “The Tyranny Of Imagination” will never cease to surprise you with a darker mood that demands wilder & heavier grooves and once again guitars successfully deliver bold riffage in contrast with the sophisticated melodic waves that still feel essential within the enthralling atmospheric ensemble. 

“When The Fire And The Rose Were One” feels like a fancy soundtrack as the lavish cinematic aspects come to life through the elegant piano melodies and the glowing atmospheric layers that constantly evoke eloquent emotions and dramatic depth while guitars focus on tasteful rhythmic crescendos.  

Everything on “Veil Of Imagination” sounds incredibly majestic as Wilderun skillfully guide you through an experimental wonderland offering extremely detailed orchestrations and thrilling heavy prog dynamics. 


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