Year Of The Cobra – Ash And Dust

Driven by a darkened energy Seattle stoner doom duo Year Of The Cobra aims to impress the listeners with the hypnotic grooves of the sophomore release “Ash And Dust”.

The psychedelic nature and the sludge inspiration behind “The Battle Of White Mountain” demand extra chunky bass lines and monolithic fuzzy guitar riffs naturally embellished by the gentle vocal delivery and you will space out instantly wandering through the dense mysterious atmospheric maze. 

While maintaining an enigmatic essence especially expressed by the magical vocals “The Divine” provides powerful engaging grooves as guitars confidently unleash major heavy riffage pushing the fuzz pedal and cutting through the moody atmospheric layers.  

“Into The Fray” is a hazy & fuzzy doom affair as guitars lead the way with obscure tones and monumental riffs following memorable rhythmic patterns while vocals add harmonious vibes feeling like a luminous daydream flourishing through darkness. 

“Dark Swan” might focus more on a dazed psychedelic atmospheric ensemble adorned by the apparent tranquility of the sultry vocals yet this track still packs a heavier momentum with the imposing weight of the doom laden rhythmic section. 

“In Despair” diverges a bit as it’s stripped of the heavy doom elements to create a comforting yet still psychedelic and extremely melancholic atmospheric ensemble that puts the spotlight on Amy’s dreamy vocal performance. 

“Ash And Dust” is always ready to deliver the promised massive dosage of stoner rock grooves but also holds a radiant spiritual essence and definitely demonstrates that Year Of The Cobra deserve your attention.  

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