Avatarium – The Fire I long For

Swedish doom band Avatarium returns in excellent shape to spellbind you with the grandiose melodic gloom incarnated by the latest full length “The Fire I Long For”. 

“Voices” invites you to enter a world of endless doom with the classic arcane vibes of the guitar riffs marching fiercely through the mighty & groovy rhythmic patterns embellished by the retro allure of organ melodies and Jennie-Ann Smith’s captivating vocal performance.  

While maintaining a fascinating darkened essence on “Rubicon” guitars acquire extremely catchy rock tonalities leading to a sultry melodic solo and memorable rhythmic dynamics surrounded by somber doom atmospheres and haunting organs. 

With a darkened dreamy mood “Lay Me Down” offers gorgeous sentimental melodic guitar progressions following a slower nostalgia infused rhythm surrounded by hazy atmospheric arrangements that allow Jennie-Ann’s passionate vocals to gain the deserved spotlight. 

The dark soul behind the composition of “Porcelain Skull” fully manifests through the grave rhythmic crescendos featuring the sober weight of doom laden guitar riffs and the eerie 70’s accents that will ultimately embrace a bewitching melodic flair emphasized by the soulful vocal delivery. 

You are destined to fall in love instantly with the seductive melodic grandeur of the title track as Jennie-Ann delivers flawless darkly romantic vocals to match the immense instrumental melancholia expressed by the slow burning guitar harmonies and the evocative warmth of the solo that certainly still channel a subtle traditional doomy feeling. 

“Epitaph Of Heroes” celebrates the undiluted darkness of doom metal relying on a massive series of impactful heavy guitar riffs and consequent monolithic grooves enriched by the solemn vocals glowing within the addictive chorus and the vibrant organs providing the perfect dosage of eerie vibes and moody vintage elements. 

“The Fire I Long For” deserves your utmost attention and might be the album that ultimately puts Avatarium in the spotlight as they have created a truly magnificent opus fueled by the timeless magic of classic doom and an enticing melodic composition. 

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