Vicious Rumors – Celebration Decay

Mastermind Geoff Thorpe returns with the new Vicious Rumors album “Celebration Decay” which aims to keep alive the band’s legacy and marks another milestone in their longstanding career. 

The title track ensures an aptly vicious beginning unleashing massive guitar driven grooves supported by an explosive rhythmic section and constantly enriched by the excellent leads & the charismatic shredding rampage. 

“Pulse Of The Dead” relies on the raw energy of the ravenous vocals and the thrilling groovy dynamics which certainly channel a classic thrash metal spirit with the perfect dosage of sharp guitar riffs leading to sophisticated soloing. 

“Arrival Of Desolation” immediately showcases a darker mood so at times the tempo gets a bit slower to emphasize the intensity of the melodic guitar licks nevertheless the rhythmic patterns can successfully build a groovy & faster momentum.  

On “Darkness Divine” the band chooses to embrace a dramatically slower sonic pathway naturally enhancing a sorrowful mood that obviously puts the spotlight on the appealing melodic guitar work while some heavier rhythmic blasts still manage to channel a solid groovy energy.

On “Death Eternal” you can immediately perceive a classic heavy metal approach consequently the guitar work is bound to take the center stage to skillfully create a blend of chunky riffage and inflamed leads. 

On “Masquerade Of Good Intentions” guitars are once again ready to keep everything interesting delivering mighty riffs and elegant melodic twists during the solos in the midst of a darkened sonic vision and a belligerent rhythm.

Vicious Rumors ultimately create a collection of anthemic savage songs that will satisfy the faithful fans and never fail to  demonstrate the band’s enthusiasm and creative force throughout “Celebration Decay”. 

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