Marianas Rest – Fata Morgana

Finnish melodic death metal band Marianas Rest is ready to spread immense melancholia with the release of the third studio album “Fata Morgana” channeling a renowned Nordic gelid music style.
On “Sacrificial” the cold understated atmospheric intro leads to a dismal world where the gorgeous melodic guitar progressions convey overwhelming grave emotions that will inevitably move the listeners while the death metal inspiration triggers a heavier combo of galloping riffage and enraged growls.
The gloomy atmosphere of “Glow From The Edge” surrounds the elegant guitar melodies which rightfully become the main focus effortlessly evoking wistful feelings and wintry tonalities further enhanced by the theatrical narratives.
“Pointless Tale” stays true to the Finnish melodic death metal legacy as the charming darkness expressed by the excellent guitar work and the mournful rhythmic crescendos revolve around an irresistible mix of harsh riffs and hypnotizing melodic phrases.
The title track begins with monolithic rhythmic patterns channeling an obscure doom essence amplified by the desperate growls yet the fragile beauty of the refined atmospheric arrangements entwined with dreamy guitar harmonies can convey a cathartic feel.
A perennial melancholia continues to prevail throughout “South Of Vostok” as the mesmerizing atmospheric splendor enriches the tormented & heavy rhythmic segments while once again guitars hold a fundamental role crafting enticing and absolutely heart wrenching melodic passages.
Darkness and poignant emotions are destined to thrive within the sombre sonic realm of “Fata Morgana” as Marianas Rest carefully blend monumental doom/death metal elements and alluring melodic tapestries.

Killer Be Killed – Reluctant Hero

With a stellar line up featuring Max Cavalera, Greg Puciato, Troy Sanders and Ben Koller, Killer Be Killed presents to the world a renewed statement of purpose on the sophomore full length “Reluctant Hero”.

There is a visceral groovy momentum throughout “Deconstructing Self-Destruction” so the bold attitude of the heavier rhythmic patterns can feel quite dominant and certainly highlights the winning vocal trade-off between Max and Greg. 

“Dream Gone Bad” relies on energetic rhythmic dynamics offering fierce riffage and monumental drumming but definitely holds a somber melodic soul that can lead to majestic melodic guitar licks and a catchy chorus. 

On “Inner Calm and Outer Storms” drums & bass build a solemn rhythmic tension through a darkened introspective atmosphere while the harsh vocals perfectly match the heavier dynamics following a faster aggressive tempo.  

“From A Crowded Wound” combines hardcore influenced dynamics fueled by an overload of gritty guitar riffs and sorrowful tonalities especially emphasized by the soothing vocal delivery and the cold understated atmospheric textures.   

“The Great Purge” effortlessly shifts from furious guitar driven grooves to compelling darkened melodic moments featuring elegant leads surrounded by moody atmospheric arrangements that put the spotlight on the diverse vocals. 

There is a fascinating dramatic depth on the title track as the mellow guitar harmonies and the atmospheric gloom become the main focus while the precise rhythmic section will create intense crescendos. 

The strength of “Reluctant Hero” certainly comes from the chemistry and the extensive musical experience of the collective behind Killer Be Killed creating a balanced blend of soulful melodies and robust grooves.  

Azarath – Saint Desecration

Founded & masterminded by Behemoth’s drummer Inferno, Azarath manifest a majestic blackened death metal vision that will leave you breathless and shattered on the new offering “Saint Desecration”. 

Darkness descends triumphantly on “Death-at-Will” as a series of lugubrious guitar melodies will linger through the ruthless blackened realm fueled by the insane speed of drumming, the aggressive riffage and the hellish growls. 

On “Sancta Dei Meretrix” the visceral blackened essence is destined to prevail through the menacing rhythmic rampage enriched by the technical accents of the excellent guitar leads and the ritualistic style of the growls.  

“Fall of the Blessed” once again focuses on the malignant strength of the drums to create asphyxiating grooves while the guitar work emphasizes the inner darkness with cryptic tonalities and elaborate soloing. 

“No Salvation” features stylish mournful guitar phrases that foreshadow the increasing obscurity of the belligerent rhythmic march which relies on the precise drumming and the relentless riffs to convey pure rage. 

The enticing darkness of the melodic segments holds a fundamental role in “Reigning over the Death” which dwells within a mysterious world where the furious death metal core is bound to thrive unleashing monumental rhythmic blasts. 

“Beyond the Gates of Burning Ghats” continues to follow a merciless extreme metal pathway as the towering drums dictate vicious dynamics enhanced by sinister melodic leads while in the final part the extensive charismatic guitar solo successfully creates an arcane melodic grandeur.  

In order to create the sonic onslaught embodied by “Saint Desecration” Azarath invoke an ominous force that inevitably generates punishing grooves definitely enriched by an intriguing melodic gloom. 

Hjelvik – Welcome To Hel

Formed by Kvelertak frontman, lyricist and co-founder Erlend Hjelvik, Hjelvik makes a triumphant debut with the full length “Welcome To Hel” which is clearly inspired by Norse mythology and history.

On “Father War” you can appreciate the traditional heavy metal vibes within the explosive licks and majestic shredding of the guitar work while the audacious screams and the faster rhythmic patterns can certainly channel a blackened essence. 

For “The Power Ballad Of Freyr” the band chooses a less aggressive approach that puts the spotlight on the memorable guitar leads, the polished tonalities and the groovy chorus well supported by a robust rhythmic section. 

Throughout ”Glory Of Hel” the bold guitar riffs and the solemn vocals evoke the Viking metal grandeur that characterizes the whole album while the elaborate solos definitely add variety with a wild shredding rampage. 

The rhythmic core slows down slightly on “12th Spell” to highlight the darkened melodic textures of the guitar leads yet there is still space for a solid groovy momentum fueled by the raw energy of the riffage and the hellish growls. 

The strength of “Kveldulv” relies on the wintry melodic soul of the guitar work which continues to stand out for the skillful soloing and charismatic leads flourishing through the groovy rhythmic dynamics. 

The mood becomes increasingly darker and colder on “Necromance” as guitars acquire palpable arcane tonalities through the galloping rhythmic patterns while the extensive majestic solo provides a generous dosage of flamboyant shredding. 

The Viking spirit dominates the monumental grooves of “Welcome To Hel” and with this brand new solo project Hjelvik proudly shares his creative vision channeling the glorious force of classic heavy metal. 

Imha Tarikat – Sternenberster

German blackened metallers Imha Tarikat unleash a savage sonic assault on the latest offering “Sternenberster” lyrically inspired by psychoanalysis and especially dream interpretation. 

The explosive nature of the whole album comes to life on “Ekstase ohne Ende” as the gelid guitar tonalites can lead to elegant melodic progressions and complex soloing while the heavier riffage and the tormented growls spontaneously generate a chaotic momentum.  

Certainly “Kreuzpunkt der Schicksale” holds the raw energy of punk yet the coldest blackened essence is bound to prevail as the unrestrained rhythmic section acquires speed to unleash ravenous blasts. 

“Brand am Firmament” relies on the lugubrious guitar tonalities and the full-throttled vocals to fuel a relentless blackened onslaught enriched by an intriguing series of intricate leads and a sorrowful acoustic finale. 

“Aufstieg” is full of extra heavy rhythmic dynamics as the aggressive drumming seems unstoppable yet the fancy guitar leads and the mournful calmer passages will add a necessary diversity. 

The title track channels some epic vibes through the hostile grooves created by violent riffage and monumental drumming and further amplified by the primal energy of the growls that ultimately lead to a twisted blackened vision. 

On “Sternenberster” Imha Tarikat confidently create an obscure sonic realm where the intense rhythmic rampage feels just like a cosmic outburst.  

Electric Hydra – Electric Hydra

Swedish rockers Electric Hydra channel an overdose of irresistible retro vibes on the debut self- titled full length.  

“It Comes Alive” marks the beginning of a wild ride as the chunky guitar riffs effortlessly generate all kinds of grooves keeping in mind a vintage rock blueprint certainly enhanced by the rebellious vocal delivery. 

On “Won’t Go To War (With Myself)” the guitar work has a chance to shine adding catchy leads to the inflamed rhythmic rampage and the resulting groovy attitude instantly puts you in a good mood. 

“Grab What’s Yours” continues to maintain a stellar rock energy yet the stoner doom elements feel essential within the fiery rhythmic ensemble and the dramatic narrative definitely amplifies the inner darkened nuances.  

“Iron Lung” relies on murky & moody guitar phrases to create a sultry melodic realm while the gritty riffage will channel a monumental doom flair leading to thrilling rhythmic dynamics enriched by the charismatic guitar leads. 

“End Of Days” holds a sleazy rock spirit as the frenetic guitar riffs supported by robust drum blasts take the center stage to build entertaining faster grooves that will evolve into a sorrowful melodic momentum. 

The final track “Rise From Below” can spellbind you with a hazy stoner rock soul and dazed atmospheric accents accompanied by soothing vocal harmonies but the fervent rhythmic ensemble is always ready to deliver memorable grooves. 

Electric Hydra have just begun their musical endeavor but on this explosive debut release they already manifest a charming artistic vision confidently channeling all the unforgettable glory of stoner & classic rock. 

Soilwork – A Whisp Of The Atlantic

Swedish melodic death metal icons Soilwork embark on an epic voyage with the ambitious EP “A Whisp Of The Atlantic”.

The title track is a deeply complex opus that represents the soul of the EP combining diverse styles & tonalities to embody an epic tale. In the beginning smooth piano melodies and refined atmospheric arrangements highlight an introspective mood but soon crunchy guitar riffs will take over creating a stormy rhythmic rampage accompanied by fancy sharp solos and spiteful growls while the finale conveys a sense of peacefulness with glowing jazzy saxophone harmonies. 

On “Feverish” the elaborate atmospheric keyboards channel electro ‘80s vibes that introduce a towering rhythmic section delivering faster powerful dynamics and often following a harsh death metal pathway while the clean vocals in the chorus sound absolutely catchy. 

“Desperado” has a straightforward melodic death metal approach that emphasizes the band’s signature style with an overload of frantic rhythmic patterns fueled by galloping guitar riffs and surrounded by elegant atmospheric layers. 

On “Death Diviner” you will find a balanced mix of fierce grooves and melodic hooks as guitars acquire luminous tonalities to craft polished phrases which will ultimately evolve into a flamboyant soloing. 

It’s hard to categorize “A Whisp Of The Atlantic” as just an EP because Soilwork constantly  showcase a majestic creative force that naturally leads to a fascinating musical and philosophical journey. 

Tombs – Under Sullen Skies

Created by mastermind Mike Hill, Tombs return with the new obscure offering “Under Sullen Skies” which dwells within a twisted blackened realm expressing a psychological turmoil. 

“Bone Furnace” immediately showcases visceral black metal roots with grave tonalites, tortured growls and pummeling drums yet the inner experimental nature comes to life through the atmospheric/electronic arrangements.  

“Void Constellation” shifts to a mournful doom approach as the monolithic riffage and the slower tempo become dominant while the refined melodic passages focus on depressing tonalities and contemplative vibes. 

The robust rhythmic section on “Barren” channels a raw blackened energy amplified by the anguished vocals while the slower moments lead to pensive atmospheric tapestries embellished by a generous dosage of enthralling melancholic guitar melodies. 

The painfully slow rhythm of “Secrets of the Black Sun” enhances the doom & gloom flair as the minimalist guitar melodies and the dramatic vocals seem to float within a dense atmospheric realm and will ultimately embrace a darkened heavier crescendo. 

“Lex Talionis” revolves around the ruthless & groovy rhythmic rampage fueled by super fast drumming and hellish riffage while the lead guitar work evokes strong ominous vibes delivering arcane melodic patterns.  

“Angel of Darkness” is drenched in darkness as a surreal atmosphere embellished by delicate vocals introduces monumental rhythmic patterns that can march relentlessly through the haunting keyboards arrangements. 

“Plague Years” begins with minimalist acoustic phrases swiftly followed by a menacing sonic assault with unrestrained guitar riffs and unstoppable blackened blasts while the understated atmospheric tapestries and the doom oriented segments convey immense grief. 

As Tombs continue to combine diverse influences and styles, the blackened fury and the post-apocalyptic motif of “Under Sullen Skies” can spontaneously unravel aggressive dynamics within a bleak sonic realm. 

Eleine – Dancing In Hell

Dark symphonic metal band Eleine aims to impress the audience with the explosive third full-length ”Dancing In Hell” which naturally combines all the elements of such a beloved genre. 

Subtle obscure vibes linger throughout “Enemies” as the guitar driven grooves can acquire grave tonalities enhanced by the darkened atmospheric arrangements while the melodic patterns focus on a catchy delivery. 

The title track offers a series of heavy rhythmic patterns fueled by the bold riffage and the robust drumming marching through symphonic orchestrations while the glowing melodic essence leads to softer vocals and graceful atmospheric waves. 

On “Ava Of Death” the whole instrumentation often focuses on heavy rhythmic blasts to emphasize the inner dark energy but the smooth vocal harmonies and the polished guitar solo sound widely accessible. 

On “Crawl From The Ashes” the mid paced rhythm and the mellow chorus ensure a catchy mood embellished by the elegant symphonic tapestries in contrast with the darker momentum and the malignant growls. 

The atmospheric textures on “Memoriam” evoke contemplative feelings unfolding around the melancholic vocal delivery leading to a memorable chorus accompanied by pleasant melodic guitars. 

The alluring gloom of the orchestral arrangements and the faster rhythmic rampage of “Where Your Rotting Corpses Lie” channel a seductive gothic flair consequently the spiteful growls and the monumental riffs will become more dominant. 

Featuring a familiar mix of growls and harmonious vocals “Dancing In Hell” certainly follows the successful symphonic metal formula as Eleine diligently blends luminous melodies and darkened grooves. 

Ingrina – Siste Lys

French post-metallers Ingrina meticulously create surreal soundscapes on the sophomore full length “Siste Lys” conceptually inspired by metaphysical concepts, geological and oceanic tales. 

“Jailers” is surrounded by a perennial murky atmosphere that emphasizes the emotional turmoil expressed by the monumental heavy rhythmic rampage in contrast with the dreamy shoegaze nature of the melodic guitar phrases that will evolve into intricate crescendos.  

“Walls” holds a darkened soul as the dense atmospheric waves and the ethereal ambiance nuances flow gently around the contemplative melodic guitars and the distant ghostly vocals. 

The harrowing atmospheric ensemble of “Stolidity” generates hazy rhythmic patterns fueled by solemn drumming and entwined with haunting guitar melodies leading to an enigmatic sonic realm that conveys poignant darkened feelings. 

“Frozen” is definitely a trance-inducing track as the calm minimalist melodic passages might belong to another dimension floating within a misty atmosphere like a fading daydream and amplifying the dramatic aspects of the slow burning yet rather intense rhythmic patterns.  

On “Siste Lys” Ingrina tells a metaphoric tale confidently embracing a cathartic sonic pathway that can lead to ecstatic dreams or even nightmarish vibes.