Phantom Elite – Titanium

Fronted by talented vocalist Marina La Torraca, Phantom Elite manifests a fiery symphonic metal essence with interesting modern twists on the sophomore release “Titanium”.  

“Conjure Rains” is a powerful album opener as the electro layers and the precise rhythmic dynamics unfold naturally around Marina’s charismatic vocals and you can certainly appreciate the prog metal influences within the elaborate lead guitar work. 

“Diamonds And Dark” begins with melancholic piano melodies that will continue to emerge throughout the song maintaining a soulful melodic flair while the overload of inflamed guitar riffs and lavish symphonic tapestries can evoke darker feelings. 

“Worst Part Of Me” still holds a charming melodic essence enhanced by the emotional vocal delivery yet guitars have a chance to unleash massive heavier riffage and acquire darkened tonalities amplified by the ravenous screams courtesy of guest vocalist Stef Rikken.  

The intricate title track often follows a heavy monumental rhythm fueled by bold drumming and aggressive riffage while the excellent guitar work delivers flamboyant technical progressions as well as luminous polished melodies. 

On “Silver Lining” the electro textures become quite dominant to spice up the catchy blend of refined symphonic arrangements and guitar driven grooves further enriched by a compelling solo and heartfelt vocal harmonies. 

“Eyes Wide Open” provides a balanced mix of dazzling melodic passages emphasized by Marina’s impressive vocal range and heavier prog oriented dynamics that allow guitars to skillfully craft a fair dosage of groovy patterns.  

Undoubtedly the strength of “Titanium” relies on Marina’s vocal prowess yet it should be noted that Phantom Elite are already shaping a personal sonic identity inspired by the successful symphonic metal formula. 

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