Dordeduh – Har

Romanian band Dordeduh has developed a unique artistic vision on the ambitious sophomore release “Har” which dwells within a darkened world drawing inspiration also from ancient traditions.
“Timpul întâilor” opens the album with arcane atmospheric nuances and the eloquent folk tinged melodies will always hold a dominant role evoking sombre feelings further enhanced by the soulful clean vocal delivery while pummeling drums and crunchy riffage can easily build a significantly heavier blackened momentum.
“În vieliștea uitării” relies on the perfect combo of dreamy atmospheric arrangements and refined melodic guitar phrases expressing a profound sense of nostalgia yet there is still space for energetic rhythmic patterns amplified by belligerent growls.
On “Descant” the guitar work triggers a catchy rhythm but can also craft mellow melodic progressions embellished by the cinematic nature of the atmospheric layers that will often acquire opulent epic nuances.
On “Vraci de nord” the intricate atmospheric keyboards and the delicate guitar harmonies take you far away in the middle of an ancient forest enhancing the presence of folk elements in contrast with the obscure blackened force of the heavier rhythmic patterns.
The multifaceted approach on “De neam vergur” combines immersive melodic passages featuring luminous guitar tonalities and interesting proggy rhythmic dynamics that will eventually evolve into an ominous ensemble channeling once again cold extreme metal influences.
The strength of “Har” certainly comes from the great sonic diversity as Dordeduh invite you to embark on a journey into the unknown carefully blending magical melodies and fiery black metal elements.

Altarage – Succumb

Secretive death metal collective Altarage returns with the new cryptic full length “Succumb” which instantly drags you through a nightmarish world of dissonance and chaos.
Listening to “Magno Evento” you are ready to enter the void as the ravenous drum blasts dictate a breakneck speed enhanced by the claustrophobic riffage that will eventually slow down a bit to focus on obscure guitar leads.
The sinister guitar riffs on “Foregone” introduce a monolithic rhythmic ensemble that hits you in the face following a malevolent fast tempo accompanied by desperate screams while the slower passages trigger harrowing feelings.
Throughout “Watcher Witness” the grave guitar sound can generate a perennial sense of impending doom that will ultimately evolve into a monumental rhythmic rampage fueled by the utterly savage drumming.
“Lavath” continues to revolve around dissonant rhythmic dynamics favoring gruesome death metal elements that can only lead to pure chaos & despair even during the painfully slow moments.
The asphyxiating rhythmic core of “Forja” relies on the tormented guitar riffs and the belligerent drumming shifting from insanely fast patterns to slower discordant passages that certainly convey an endless anguish.
The grand finale is embodied by the lengthy track “Devorador De Mundos” which constantly evokes sinister vibes through the monochromatic atmospheric nuances and the repetitive apocalyptic rhythmic pattern.
You simply cannot escape the dark & vicious sonic maze of “Succumb” as Altarage bravely continue to dwell within an enigmatic sonic realm inevitably pushing boundaries and channeling the ominous force of extreme metal.

Vreid – Wild North West

Norwegian leaders of the black ‘n roll movement Vreid continue to explore diverse musical territories on the ambitious new concept album “Wild North West” which invites you on an unforgettable journey deep into the mountains.
On the title track an eerie atmosphere introduces a super groovy rhythmic ensemble that will ultimately acquire even faster & heavier dynamics amplifying the band’s fiery blackened roots while a sense of melancholy lingers through the melodic accents of the guitar work.
Throughout “Wolves At Sea” the focus shifts to sombre atmospheric arrangements and darkened melodic guitar phrases yet the inflamed rhythmic patterns can easily channel the ominous essence of Norwegian black metal enhanced by the vicious growls and the monumental drumming.
The mood becomes profoundly sorrowful on “The Morning Red” highlighting the dominant role of the haunting guitar progressions and the soulful clean vocal delivery naturally generating a spellbinding melodic ensemble.
The thick bass lines of “Shadows Of Aurora” lead to a compelling rhythmic crescendo that will gradually embrace a thrilling black ‘n roll momentum fueled by soaring guitar riffs and savage drum blasts marching through a ghastly atmosphere.
The sinister tones of the organ intro on “Shadowland” foreshadow a gloomy grandeur and darkness prevails inevitably as the band skillfully combines hostile rhythmic segments and captivating melodic passages while the finale features a refined melancholia infused piano piece.
The spirit of Sognametal continues to live throughout “Wild North West” yet Vreid never fail to showcase a renewed creative force blending fiery blackened dynamics and alluring melodic moments.

Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE3

Featuring Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess and Tony Levin, legendary supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment finally returns with the new album “LTE3” which is destined to surprise the listeners with a brilliant creative force.
“Hypersonic” will delight true prog metal acolytes constantly delivering an overdose of technical rhythmic patterns and unexpected twists that often emphasize the powerful role of the pummeling drums and the crunchy riffage which will ultimately evolve into refined solos.
“Beating The Odds” showcases a heavier entertaining approach yet the main rhythmic rampage will embrace flamboyant dynamics with the insane shredding in contrast with the triumphant tones of the elaborate keyboards arrangements and the bright melodic guitar progressions.
“The Passage Of Time” unleashes pure energy through the convoluted rhythmic segments following a familiar & successful prog metal pathway as the band meticulously blends inflamed grooves and elegant guitar harmonies.
“Shades of Hope” marks a poignant moment offering a flawless combo of elegant piano melodies and gorgeous polished guitar phrases which certainly amplify an emotional theme.
There is a lot going on throughout the final opus “Key To The Imagination” as the palpable instrumental chemistry generates multifaceted tonalities shifting from intense groovy patterns fueled by the sharp riffage to luminous melodic passages enriched by the extensive & extremely intricate guitar leads.
After about twenty years hiatus “LTE3” is the perfect way to celebrate a triumphant comeback and you will be instantly impressed by the immense talent and the prowess of the musicians behind Liquid Tension Experiment.

Cvlt Ov The Svn – We Are The Dragon

Finnish dark occult rockers Cvlt Ov The Svn aim to lure you to join their mystical cvlt with the addictive and mysterious soundscapes of the debut full length “We Are The Dragon”.
The title track immediately manifests a seductive goth essence as the darkened guitar tonalities generate smooth melodic phrases within a nocturnal atmospheric ensemble amplified by the theatrical vocal delivery.
“My Venom” picks up speed favoring the presence of crunchy guitar riffs and a danceable rhythmic rampage which ultimately leads to the irresistible chorus while the synths create a mystifying aura.
“Twilight” follows a similar formula with catchy rock moments fueled by the entertaining blend of straightforward rhythmic patterns and arcane atmospheric arrangements.
On “I’m Gonna Find Out” the combo of whispered raucous vocals and profoundly darkened guitar progressions create a quite creepy mood further emphasized by the dramatically slower tempo.
“Whore of Babylon” is another memorable goth-bopper relying on a groovy rhythm surrounded by a sinful atmosphere that makes you want to dance under the pale moonlight.
The nightmarish nuances of “The Pit” maintain a sultry gothic flair and naturally lead to sinister grooves built by the bold bass lines and the horror rock style of the guitar riffs.
“Another Infinity” showcases a nostalgic atmospheric approach through understated synth layers and moody guitar melodies accompanied by a softer vocal delivery that can evoke a gothic romanticism.
Filled with delicious goth nuances “We Are The Dragon” is destined to attract lovers of all things dark & spooky as Cvlt Ov The Svn successfully crafts a bewitching collection of songs with a catchy rock/pop flair.

Bodom After Midnight – Paint The Sky With Blood

Founded by legendary musician Alexi Laiho, Bodom After Midnight was supposed to be a new explosive sonic endeavor but sadly following his tragic death the release of the EP “Paint The Sky With Blood” marks a final salute.
The title track relies on a triumphant heavy assault constantly fueled by a savage & precise rhythmic section ensuring soaring dynamics surrounded by the symphonic accents of the opulent keyboards layers and certainly enriched by Alexi’s charismatic guitar leads and flamboyant shredding.
“Payback’s a Bitch” unleashes raw energy favoring speed and chunky riffage through unrestrained rhythmic patterns embellished by epic keyboards arrangements while the guitar work reaches the acme with the eclectic nature of the wild soloing.
The cover of Dissection’s “Where Dead Angels Lie” is a striking surprise showcasing a compelling darkened vision through the perfect combo of gloomy melodic phrases and blackened grooves.
The new project Bodom After Midnight unfortunately ended far too soon but with inflamed grooves and a strong creative force “Paint The Sky With Blood” successfully pays homage to Alexi’s legacy.

Domkraft – Seeds

Swedish psych-/sludge/doom trio Domkraft focuses on the idea of emerging from the ruins to create something different within the striking hypnotic sonic realm of the third full length “Seeds”
The title track already showcases a diversified songwriting approach offering a majestic mix of mind-bending psychedelia and monolithic grooves enriched by thrilling guitar leads as the band effortlessly shifts from spacey passages reminiscing of a desert rock jam to super heavy rhythmic patterns evoking apocalyptic doom vibes.
Throughout “Perpetuator” guitars deliver an overdose of psychedelia infused slow burning progressions and the resulting enigmatic aura is enhanced by the tormented vocal delivery while the colossal rhythmic section often acquires speed to generate massive grooves characterized by a darkened doom inspiration.
On “Dawn Of Man” the intense psychedelic nuances surround the hazy vocals and the heavy weight of the unrestrained rhythmic section generates a groovy momentum while the guitar work takes the spotlight meticulously crafting bold riffs and wild solos.
“Audiodome” marks a grand finale with the fuzzy power of the wicked riffage and the consequent monumental rhythmic maze further emphasized by the extensive psych style of the inflamed guitar solo while the slower passages could easily induce a trancelike state due to the bewitching melodic phrases.
You will instantly appreciate the mighty grooves and the impressive creative force behind “Seeds” as Domkraft confidently channel multiple influences to create an irresistible sonic experience.

Odal – Welten Mutter

For over twenty years German black metallers Odal have explored the coldest depths of metal and their pagan influences continue to flourish on the latest dark offering “Welten Mutter”.
“…um Ewiges zu schaffen” reveals the epic flair and the brooding nuances that characterize the whole album as the fierce guitar riffs accompanied by ravenous growls effortlessly showcase strong blackened roots while mournful textures are bound to emerge through the melodic progressions.
“Der Kälte Atem” can unleash plenty of ominous black metal dynamics through the fast menacing rhythmic section yet the lead guitar work has a chance to add a fair dosage of darkened melodies ultimately evoking crestfallen feelings.
The title track might favor the melodic aspects of the guitar work which successfully delivers poignant phrases yet the main rhythmic patterns can maintain a frostbitten black metal essence enhanced by the pummeling drums.
The final track “Erden Zeit” definitely continues to embody the band’s icy aesthetics and the pagan inspiration through the grave guitar tonalities and the unrestrained blackened rhythmic blasts which can also acquire familiar folk metal elements.
“Welten Mutter” takes you to a gelid Nordic landscape as Odal confidently channel the obscure force of traditional black metal without sacrificing an appealing melancholic melodicism.

Superlynx – Electric Temple

Oslo-based doom/psych trio Superlynx manifests a gloomy sonic vision through the hypnotizing soundscapes of the third full length “Electric Temple”.
On the opening track “Rising Flame” the slow burning guitar melodies generate an immersive mood while the heavy weight of the doom textures ensures an obscure groovy momentum and Pia Isaksen’s captivating voice gently guides you through a murky sonic realm.
The alluring darkened guitar tonalities on the title track continue to emphasize enigmatic doom influences and a powerful spiritual essence naturally leads to spellbinding progressions reaching the acme with an intense and significantly faster rhythmic rampage.
“Moonbather” takes you to a nocturnal world where the darkly soothing melodies accompanied by the ethereal vocal delivery might make you space out yet the solo will channel a glorious psychedelic rock energy enriched by the ritualistic chanting.
“Returning Light” feels like a lovely fading dream as the slow monochromatic rhythmic ensemble surrounds the mystifying melodic guitar phrases emphasized by fuzzy tones and cryptic doom vibes.
“Laws of Nature” evokes pure melancholia as the guitar work delivers warm harmonies flowing gracefully through a dreamy atmosphere and occasionally embracing a mystical flair also amplified by the delicate vocals while the finale features a cathartic melodic crescendo.
“May” constantly focuses on harrowing nuances as guitars shift from minimalist melodies to passionate soloing consequently darkness is destined to prevail through the dramatically slow rhythm enhancing a gothic americana inspiration.
The moonlight shines throughout “Electric Temple” as Superlynx put a spell on you carefully blending hazy atmospheric arrangements and bewitching melodies.

Paysage D’Hiver – Geister

During the last two decades Swiss underground black metal act Paysage D’Hiver has released several demos but now the time has come for mastermind Wintherr to unleash the ominous sophomore full length “Geister”.
“Schattä” provides an overdose of frostbitten guitar riffs and relentless drum blasts channeling the darkest vibes of traditional black metal within a monochromatic atmospheric ensemble.
The murky atmosphere on “Bluet” adds understated symphonic hints to the blackened force fully expressed by the hostile rhythmic section which can also trigger a memorable groovy momentum.
“Undä” creates an asphyxiating sonic realm with tremolo, distant tormented screams and dreadful nuances that emphasize grim feelings particularly during the slower passages.
You cannot easily escape the lugubrious world of “Wärzä” as the fierce guitar work continues to deliver savage riffs and mournful progressions well supported by cold rhythmic blasts.
Following a slower mystifying tempo “Schuurig” evokes the painful tonalities of doom metal through the heavy weight of the guitar progressions amplifying a cryptic songwriting approach.
“Geischtr” brings closure in cinematic fashion focusing on the darkened ambiance style of the atmospheric arrangements unfolding like a lucid dream in the middle of a wintry landscape.
Throughout “Geister” Paysage D’Hiver creates an impossibly dark & gelid sonic realm constantly focusing on obscure nuances that will certainly appeal to devoted black metal acolytes.