Taake / Helheim – Henholdsvis

Infamous Norwegian black metal band Taake returns with the new interesting release “Henholdsvis” which is the third and last installment of a series of split-10”s this time featuring labelmates and Viking Black Metal pioneers Helheim.
Drenched in gelid darkness “Brotne Bein og Mannefall” inevitably showcases Taake’s dreadful blackened style as the malignant guitar riffs immediately create an asphyxiating sonic realm while the slightly slower progressions and the desperate growls evoke an overdose of tormented feelings.
On “Ein Baat i Foss” Taake fully embraces an insanely groovy black ‘n’ roll pathway within a wintry atmosphere where unrestrained rhythmic patterns are constantly fueled by the primal force and the obscure tonalities of the guitar work.
Helheim contributes with a cover of Taake song “Orkan” from the album “Noregs Vaapen” which showcases a different direction with mournful clean vocals surrounded by mysterious yet also comforting vibes that highlight the darkened melodic guitar progressions.
Helheim’s second track is a cover of Emperor’s “Heksesabbat / Witches Sabbath”, originally released on the tribute album “A Tribute to Emperor – In Honour of Icon E”, and here the band fully channels a primordial blackened essence as the gritty guitar riffs and the diabolical screams thrive within an arcane atmospheric ensemble.
Despite being a short album “Henholdsvis” manages to properly celebrate black metal and darkness as Taake and Helheim certainly crafted a unique collaboration.

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