Jordfäst – Hädanefter

Swedish duo Jordfäst invites you to join an immersive sonic journey through the frostbitten blackened soundscapes and the spiritual melodic essence of the debut album “Hädanefter”.
A spellbinding melancholia lingers through “Buren av loppor” as minimalist guitar harmonies and crestfallen atmospheric arrangements seem to celebrate the barren beauty of a wintry landscape yet such contemplative ensemble will eventually evolve into a full blown blackened world where anguished growls, tremolo picking and cryptic rhythmic patterns are destined to thrive.
“Hädanförd” unfolds like a tragic tale as the icy tonalities and the monumental drums constantly express an inner torment creating a groovy yet ominous rhythmic rampage naturally enriched by a compelling series of charismatic guitar progressions while the slower moments embrace a mournful melodic flair and the solemn choirs evoke a fascinating Nordic soul.
You can always perceive a perennial darkness throughout “Hädanefter” as Jordfäst confidently blends obscure black metal dynamics and eloquent melodies drawing inspiration from Scandinavia’s historical heritage.

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