Bask – III

In the mountains of North Carolina Bask have been working meticulously to craft the third full length aptly entitled “III”, an opus lyrically inspired by folklore and mythology destined to leave a mark with a striking progressive rock flair and hypnotizing soundscapes. 

“Three White Feet” is a great way to start the album with enchanting guitar melodies channeling nostalgic vibes matched by the heartfelt vocal delivery and showcasing impeccable musicianship while the solid rhythmic section will have the chance to deliver heavier sludgy segments. 

“New Dominion” goes straight to charismatic groovy moments featuring intense riffage and powerful drum blasts but such monumental rhythmic backbone is always enriched by proggy elements and glowing guitar melodies. 

“Stone Eyed” conveys a comforting sense of melancholia through intricate melodic waves as guitars shine for the exquisite dreamy tonalities yet there are also thrilling rhythmic crescendos that benefit from the addition of the irresistible psychedelic organ. 

The cinematic final track “Maiden Mother Crone” shifts to a glowing folk mood fully expressed by the gentle banjos melodies and the fragile nostalgic atmosphere accompanied by a particularly spellbinding vocal performance. 

Focusing on a detailed songwriting approach Bask have created something truly unique and passionate on “III” as each song tells a fascinating story through multifaceted melodic textures and a distinct Southern rock feeling. 

Avatarium – The Fire I long For

Swedish doom band Avatarium returns in excellent shape to spellbind you with the grandiose melodic gloom incarnated by the latest full length “The Fire I Long For”. 

“Voices” invites you to enter a world of endless doom with the classic arcane vibes of the guitar riffs marching fiercely through the mighty & groovy rhythmic patterns embellished by the retro allure of organ melodies and Jennie-Ann Smith’s captivating vocal performance.  

While maintaining a fascinating darkened essence on “Rubicon” guitars acquire extremely catchy rock tonalities leading to a sultry melodic solo and memorable rhythmic dynamics surrounded by somber doom atmospheres and haunting organs. 

With a darkened dreamy mood “Lay Me Down” offers gorgeous sentimental melodic guitar progressions following a slower nostalgia infused rhythm surrounded by hazy atmospheric arrangements that allow Jennie-Ann’s passionate vocals to gain the deserved spotlight. 

The dark soul behind the composition of “Porcelain Skull” fully manifests through the grave rhythmic crescendos featuring the sober weight of doom laden guitar riffs and the eerie 70’s accents that will ultimately embrace a bewitching melodic flair emphasized by the soulful vocal delivery. 

You are destined to fall in love instantly with the seductive melodic grandeur of the title track as Jennie-Ann delivers flawless darkly romantic vocals to match the immense instrumental melancholia expressed by the slow burning guitar harmonies and the evocative warmth of the solo that certainly still channel a subtle traditional doomy feeling. 

“Epitaph Of Heroes” celebrates the undiluted darkness of doom metal relying on a massive series of impactful heavy guitar riffs and consequent monolithic grooves enriched by the solemn vocals glowing within the addictive chorus and the vibrant organs providing the perfect dosage of eerie vibes and moody vintage elements. 

“The Fire I Long For” deserves your utmost attention and might be the album that ultimately puts Avatarium in the spotlight as they have created a truly magnificent opus fueled by the timeless magic of classic doom and an enticing melodic composition. 

Voyager – Colours In The Sun

On the seventh full length “Colours In The Sun” Australian quintet Voyager aim to reach a wider audience demonstrating interesting songwriting skills that lead to an eclectic blend of catchy pop flavors and technical heavy rhythmic patterns. 

The music style of “Colours” definitely fits the title as guitars and keyboards craft bright comforting melodies with a strong 80’s pop flair yet there are many technical prog twists within the solid rhythmic section that seamlessly lead to significantly heavier dynamics. 

On “Severomance” the 80’s vibes feel quite prominent with the multilayered keyboards and the accessible melodic chorus featuring a luminous vocal delivery in contrast with scattered crunchy guitar riffs. 

“Brightstar” follows a similar pathway as keyboards continue to be essential in the creation of cinematic soundscapes that channel uplifting vibes matched by the passionate vocals and the glowing proggy guitar melodies. 

Featuring an impeccable performance by guest vocalist Einar Solberg of Leprous “Entropy” could easily become a favorite due to the emotive nature of the vocal harmonies and also there are complex prog oriented instrumental passages that focus on the charismatic melodic guitar work. 

The 80’s synths feel utterly strong on “Reconnected” creating all kinds of entertaining electro beats that will occasionally evolve into moody atmospheric layers while the rhythmic section can generate fierce heavy patterns with tight guitar riffs and precise drumming. 

“Water Over The Bridge” is probably the heaviest track unleashing steady raw energy through the intense djent style guitar riffs and the prog rhythmic twists while the soothing vocals and the subtle atmospheric arrangements maintain a pleasant melodic essence. 

Undoubtedly there are many refreshing ideas behind the versatile composition of “Colours In The Sun” and Voyager seem to have developed a tasteful polychromatic formula that will satisfy music connoisseurs. 


Misery Loves Co. – Zero

Back in 2000 Swedish industrial metal pioneers Misery Loves Co. reached the acme of their career with the influential album “Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share” and now they are finally back with the thrilling full length “Zero”. 

The atmospheric synths on “Suburban Break” have a cool industrial flair that influences the guitar work and the consequent super groovy rhythmic segments generating constant gritty riffs and moody feelings also well expressed by the somber vocal delivery. 

There is a darker mood running through the murky melodies of “A Little Something” which also amplifies the industrial approach during the energetic guitar driven grooves and vocals seamlessly shift from a melancholic delivery to fiery screams. 

“Fell In Love” will hypnotize you with lovely bleak guitar melodies and understated atmospheric arrangements that definitely feel darkly romantic also due to the slower hazy rhythm plus the vocals successfully channel an intense nostalgia. 

On “The Waiting Room” the instrumental ensemble feels darker than ever as the multilayered atmospheres belong to an apocalyptic desolate realm while guitars create compelling tormented melodies as well as primal industrial oriented heavier dynamics. 

The title track has a dystopian mood relying on steady reckless electro beats and darkened guitar tonalities leading to a memorable chorus and loads of vibrant rhythmic patterns that make you want to jump. 

“One Of Those Days” sounds extremely melancholic focusing on an enthralling sorrowful vocal performance and all the melodic guitar work clearly emphasizes the emotional themes yet there is still a groovy quasi rebellious momentum emerging throughout the song with a subtle dosage of raw industrial energy. 

In the golden days Misery Loves Co. crafted really cool music so it’s a pleasure to see that they still have that brilliant creative spark today and hopefully listening to the new effort “Zero” people will still appreciate their undisputable talent. 


Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites

Nile have always been a symbol of technical death metal and their latest merciless full length “Vile Nilotic Rites” allows them to move forward with evident enthusiasm and a renewed band’s chemistry.  

“Long Shadows Of Dread” perfectly incarnates the insane power of the whole album through a brutal rhythmic approach built by majestic drums and relentless guitar riffs while the soloing is bound to impress with major technical skills and flamboyant shredding. 

The title track stays true to the band’s native death metal style with unstoppable guitar driven grooves and a monolithic rhythmic backbone accompanied by primal cavernous growls and a generous dose of venomous guitar licks. 

“Seven Horns Of War” is an epic work of music adding loads of solemn orchestrations and symphonic accents that basically get you ready for battle and the unrestrained rhythmic patterns filled with fast vicious guitar riffs are clearly fueled by such theatrical flair. 

“Revel In Their Suffering” features additional grand symphonic arrangements that enrich the persistent tech death dynamics skillfully unleashed by the majestic rhythmic section while the lead guitars grab your attention with intriguing melodic phrases. 

“Where Is The Wrathful Sky” manages to channel a perpetual rage courtesy of precise drumming, spiteful riffage and belligerent growls emerging from some forgotten hellish abyss yet within such chaotic sonic realm you will find fascinating eastern style acoustic passages.  

“The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened” can convey a stylish dramatic depth with understated melodic hints and the recurring elegant acoustic guitars that almost feel luminous compared to the darker enigmatic vibes channeled by the main tech death rhythmic rampage that remains an essential component. 

Exploring the dreads of modern civilization “Vile Nilotic Rites” will inevitably hit you in the face with massive death metal grooves and the expected overdose of brilliant guitar dynamics as Nile proudly showcase a ferocious sonic manifesto.

Vesperith – Vesperith

Emerging from the shadows Vesperith is a new project created by Finnish experimental black metal sorceress Sariina Tani embarking on a “pilgrimage to the abyss” on the debut eponymous release. 

“The Magi” symbolized the experimental mood of the whole album as angelic vocals embrace the cosmic energy generated by the constant dense atmospheric layers.  

“Fractal Flesh” maintains a similar meditative approach with multilayered monochromatic arrangements but this time there are also some primal blackened rhythmic patterns and ominous growls. 

“Valohämärä” feels like a spiritual voyage through an endless darkness with comforting melodic accents and soothing vocal harmonies flourishing in the midst of arcane atmospheric waves in contrast with the chaotic rhythm and screeching sounds in the song’s finale. 

“Quintessence” blends misanthropic blackened elements and understated ethereal melodies surrounded by dark ambiance tapestries that keep on unfolding with nocturnal and ritualistic tonalities ultimately leading to overwhelming obscure black metal rhythmic blasts. 

The enigmatic music style chosen by Vesperith will probably appeal to a niche audience, those attracted by impenetrable darkness and atmospheric drone nuances that on this debut release inevitably lead to a mystical sonic realm. 

Year Of The Cobra – Ash And Dust

Driven by a darkened energy Seattle stoner doom duo Year Of The Cobra aims to impress the listeners with the hypnotic grooves of the sophomore release “Ash And Dust”.

The psychedelic nature and the sludge inspiration behind “The Battle Of White Mountain” demand extra chunky bass lines and monolithic fuzzy guitar riffs naturally embellished by the gentle vocal delivery and you will space out instantly wandering through the dense mysterious atmospheric maze. 

While maintaining an enigmatic essence especially expressed by the magical vocals “The Divine” provides powerful engaging grooves as guitars confidently unleash major heavy riffage pushing the fuzz pedal and cutting through the moody atmospheric layers.  

“Into The Fray” is a hazy & fuzzy doom affair as guitars lead the way with obscure tones and monumental riffs following memorable rhythmic patterns while vocals add harmonious vibes feeling like a luminous daydream flourishing through darkness. 

“Dark Swan” might focus more on a dazed psychedelic atmospheric ensemble adorned by the apparent tranquility of the sultry vocals yet this track still packs a heavier momentum with the imposing weight of the doom laden rhythmic section. 

“In Despair” diverges a bit as it’s stripped of the heavy doom elements to create a comforting yet still psychedelic and extremely melancholic atmospheric ensemble that puts the spotlight on Amy’s dreamy vocal performance. 

“Ash And Dust” is always ready to deliver the promised massive dosage of stoner rock grooves but also holds a radiant spiritual essence and definitely demonstrates that Year Of The Cobra deserve your attention.  

Wilderun – Veil Of Imagination

Boston based progressive metal outfit Wilderun is ready to impress the world with the monumental new album “Veil Of Imagination” focusing on an utterly complex composition that fully demonstrates excellent musicianship and passionate creativity. 

“The Unimaginable Zero Summer” is already an epic mini opus starting with peaceful acoustic harmonies and heartfelt vocals that introduce a multitude of diverse instrumental passages. As the song progresses the eclectic nature becomes even more evident as the band seamlessly shifts from deeply melancholic vibes to more aggressive guitar driven progressions and cavernous growls surrounded by brilliant atmospheric orchestrations and further enriched by the luminous lead guitar work. 

“O Resolution!” seems to be the perfect continuation crafting a terrific blend of grandiose orchestrations and diverse prog oriented rhythmic patterns embellished by imposing choirs while the flamboyant guitar soloing aims to grab your attention with technical accents and fluent bright melodies. 

“Sleeping Ambassadors Of The Sun” continues this magical music journey with bittersweet piano melodies and somber vocals emphasizing a darkened nostalgia that will influence the guitar work generating fiery riffs as well as an intense melodic splendor in the midst of theatrical orchestrations. 

The visionary track “The Tyranny Of Imagination” will never cease to surprise you with a darker mood that demands wilder & heavier grooves and once again guitars successfully deliver bold riffage in contrast with the sophisticated melodic waves that still feel essential within the enthralling atmospheric ensemble. 

“When The Fire And The Rose Were One” feels like a fancy soundtrack as the lavish cinematic aspects come to life through the elegant piano melodies and the glowing atmospheric layers that constantly evoke eloquent emotions and dramatic depth while guitars focus on tasteful rhythmic crescendos.  

Everything on “Veil Of Imagination” sounds incredibly majestic as Wilderun skillfully guide you through an experimental wonderland offering extremely detailed orchestrations and thrilling heavy prog dynamics. 


Infected Rain – Endorphin

Hailing from Moldova Infected Rain are steadily gaining attention within the modern metal scene and they are ready to raise the bar with the unpredictable groovy & melodic dynamics of the latest offering “Endorphin”.

“The Earth Mantra” relies on extra heavy grooves fueled by the intense djent elements of the guitar work yet there is a soothing introspective momentum generated by ambiance arrangements and enriched by the passionate vocal delivery. 

Following a similar pathway “Black Gold” mixes enraged crunchy rhythmic blasts with bright multilayered atmospheric & electro arrangements that seems to be a successful combo emphasizing the band’s ability to create diverse soundscapes. 

“Symphony Of Trust” amplifies a melodic approach with softer vocal harmonies that aim to evoke sincere emotions especially during the memorable chorus yet the djent/metalcore force is still quite dominant within the cohesive heavier rhythmic ensemble accompanied by ravenous screams. 

“Walking Dead” begins with dreamy atmospheric layers swiftly followed by a massive series of savage guitar riffs but once again comforting melodies keep on flourishing throughout the song with the palpable emotional drive embodied by Lena’s vocals. 

The aggressive grooves of “Taphephobia” are filled with frantic guitar riffs,  feverish screams and darkened tonalities following a faster borderline brutal rhythm yet there is space for uplifting feelings that come to life through calmer atmospheres and delicate vocals. 

“Storm” deviates from the album’s main direction to focus exclusively on shimmering electro waves and subtle atmospheric splendor that also put the spotlight on Lena’s poignant vocals and the consequent emotive themes.

Since the very first listening you can perceive the raw energy and the dramatic depth that constantly express contrasting emotions throughout “Endorphin” and obviously Lena’s versatile vocal performance is destined to attract more listeners. 

Völur / Amber Asylum – Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch

It seems obvious that a split album featuring doom experimentalists Völur and neo-classical ambient collective Amber Asylum will defy any given music boundaries in fact “Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch” feels like a perilous exploration through a surreal sonic realm that demands your utmost attention. 

 inspired by the Niflung cycle from the Poetic Edda “Breaker Of Rings” is a fascinating opus divided in four parts where Völur truly showcase their enigmatic creative force blending ethereal violin melodies and atmospheric gloom. On ‘II” the funeral doom elements are mixed with the dramatic depth of vocals and the brooding beauty of the violin melodies while “IV” brings a darkly grandiose epic crescendo with monolithic rhythmic patterns and opulent harmonies. 

Amber Asylum tell a story of beauty and anguish on “Blood Witch” as decadent melodies and hazy atmospheres surround magical poetic vocals, an avantgarde sonic ensemble that will make you feel dizzy, while “Largo” emphasizes the classical splendor with intricate cello melodies that evoke enigmatic nuances and darkly romantic vibes.  

Both Völur and Amber Asylum share a darkened otherworldly music vision emphasized by the dominant presence of bewitching strings and since “Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch” feels extremely distant from the average trends it will certainly satisfy your craving for sophisticated soundscapes.