Infected Rain – Endorphin

Hailing from Moldova Infected Rain are steadily gaining attention within the modern metal scene and they are ready to raise the bar with the unpredictable groovy & melodic dynamics of the latest offering “Endorphin”.

“The Earth Mantra” relies on extra heavy grooves fueled by the intense djent elements of the guitar work yet there is a soothing introspective momentum generated by ambiance arrangements and enriched by the passionate vocal delivery. 

Following a similar pathway “Black Gold” mixes enraged crunchy rhythmic blasts with bright multilayered atmospheric & electro arrangements that seems to be a successful combo emphasizing the band’s ability to create diverse soundscapes. 

“Symphony Of Trust” amplifies a melodic approach with softer vocal harmonies that aim to evoke sincere emotions especially during the memorable chorus yet the djent/metalcore force is still quite dominant within the cohesive heavier rhythmic ensemble accompanied by ravenous screams. 

“Walking Dead” begins with dreamy atmospheric layers swiftly followed by a massive series of savage guitar riffs but once again comforting melodies keep on flourishing throughout the song with the palpable emotional drive embodied by Lena’s vocals. 

The aggressive grooves of “Taphephobia” are filled with frantic guitar riffs,  feverish screams and darkened tonalities following a faster borderline brutal rhythm yet there is space for uplifting feelings that come to life through calmer atmospheres and delicate vocals. 

“Storm” deviates from the album’s main direction to focus exclusively on shimmering electro waves and subtle atmospheric splendor that also put the spotlight on Lena’s poignant vocals and the consequent emotive themes.

Since the very first listening you can perceive the raw energy and the dramatic depth that constantly express contrasting emotions throughout “Endorphin” and obviously Lena’s versatile vocal performance is destined to attract more listeners. 

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