Blind Guardian – Beyond The Red Mirror

Blind Guardian’s new album “Beyond The Red Mirror” is indisputably one of the most awaited release of the year. When it comes to such an influential band composed of highly experienced musicians, music classifications become quite useless as Blind Guardian has truly mastered a personal style. But on “Beyond The Red Mirror” you will certainly find all those beloved symphonic arrangements and the original backbone of power metal.
“The Ninth Wave” features a climactic epic beginning with triumphant, yet tinged of a mysterious darkness, classical operatic choirs and multi-faceted symphonic layers. The song concocts a truly majestic musical landscape that follows faithfully Blind Guardian’s successful sonic alchemy where strong power metal influenced guitar riffs embrace a variegated dramatic orchestration. Also, this is a lengthy track featuring a wide array of tempo changes and prog-oriented guitar solos.
“Twilight Of The Gods” is rather guitar driven with tighter and more aggressive rhythm section followed by a chorus super catchy and easy to remember. This track is quite rich in details but at the same time all the riffs work to create a smooth tune capable of producing a strong impact at the first listening.
“At The Edge Of Time” relies on an elegant and rather complex orchestration that renders everything stunningly majestic in operetta style. Flutes and trumpets in particular add a fairytale/mythological atmosphere that anybody would be attracted to.
On “Ashes Of Eternity” guitars become once again the dominant element. There is still a fantasy like atmosphere, especially when the rhythm slows down, but the borderline virtuoso guitar solos are the true key elements.
“Miracle Machine” is a passionate and sentimental collection of delightful piano melodies, almost a power metal ballad, featuring the heartfelt type of choir that we all learned to love in the iconic “The Bard’s Song”.
“Grand Parade” is another impressively solemn opus built on intricate orchestrations of high artistic value. In the midst of an awe-inspiring and noble atmosphere that instantaneously makes you feel good, there is still space for groovy rhythms and grandiose guitar work even if the true star remains the sumptuous theatrical structure.
Overall, “Beyond The Red Mirror” feels like a seductive rock opera or a hymn to talent and the infinite power of imagination. For many listeners, this new release might incarnate the mesmerizing masterpiece that we wanted to hear from Blind Guardian and it is definitely a consistently monumental and stunningly executed album that cannot be ignored.

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