Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun

It feels good to see that Finnish act Insomnium is back with a powerful new album entitled “Shadows Of The Dying Sun”. Some of you might have noticed that the band has been working hard for many years and this time with a passionately crafted collection of songs, Insomnium might get a real chance to step up in the scene. As they say, if you follow your true vocation you will certainly succeed.
With its melancholic wintry riffs, “The Primeval Dark” is a poignant introduction to the melodic musicality that embodies the artistic pathway on this album.
When “While We Sleep” kicks in with a super flamboyant melody in a poetic crescendo followed by romantic clean vocals, it’s clear that Insomnium has concocted a fascinating musical recipe that could easily conquer the lost souls of a wide audience. The genuine passionate delivery and the lack of superfluous soulless technicality make this song easy to love at the very first listening.
“Revelation” proudly follows the intense melancholia that constantly pervades through the whole album. As in other tracks, there is still a more brutal facet with thundering drums and strong growls to satisfy even the stone-hearted crowd.
If you crave more death metal style action, you’ll certainly enjoy the savage attitude on “Black Heart Rebellion”. As in a constant spiritual dwelling, a woeful emotional suffering is well displayed in the pressing guitar driven rhythm, while the idealistic longing for the heartbreaking melodic guitars cannot be denied easily.
“The River” is full of poetic darkness and there’s nothing wrong with the desire for mellow gloomy melodies as long as it is pure. Somehow guitars and drums manage to conjure a taste of vintage black metal that never clashes with the romantically charged acoustic moment.
The title track is a hymn to the poetic nature of Insomnium’s songwriting. Rather than being an attempt to create a catchy tune, this track carries a considerable emotional burden that required the most melodic side of the band’s artistic pathway. You simply cannot pour your heart out pounding on the snare as fast as possible, so the feverish need for a more delicate guitar riff and soft whispers is unambiguously comprehensible.
In the end, “Shadows Of The Dying Sun” is a charming piece of art that has the power to bring some luck and well deserved recognition as Insomnium continues to grow stronger and brighter.

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