To/Die/For – Cult

The release of “Cult” by Finnish act To/Die/For brings a mix of delight and nostalgia. It is absolutely a pleasure to see Jape & co. back in the music scene with a clear enthusiasm (there is no need to talk about lineup changes and other drama) but at the same time you realize to what extent such a lovely hardworking band has been always underestimated. The new album “Cult” truly feels like a necessary rebirth and incarnates the melancholic gothic rock that has always been the band’s signature style.
“In Black” runs on groovy guitar riffs that build the proper musical layers for Jape’s tormented vocals. This track features the notorious Scandinavian melancholy omnipresent in every To/Die/For album so it feels like the right way to introduce the album’s mood.
“Screaming Birds” faithfully portrays the band’s somber melodic nature. There are loads of catchy riffs with a wild groovy rhythm and a delightfully smooth guitar solo, while the breakdown brings a romantic sorrowful mood.
“Mere Dream” is all about a highly dramatic atmosphere successfully rendered by simple, yet seductively effective, piano melodies. Jape intensifies this everlasting sadness with passionate vocals and lower tuning.
On “You” Jape channels a classic Billy Idol interpretation but certainly adds a generous dose of haunting misery in goth fashion. In general, the tight rhythm and the melodic lead guitars lean toward a dirty rock style that enhances the song’s catchy core.
“Let It Bleed” is another anthem of To/Die/For sentimental decadence driven by super catchy dynamic guitar riffs and raspy rocking vocals that add a bittersweet momentum to the main melodic harmonies.
Overall, “Cult” will be an enjoyable listening for anybody and a long awaited sweet surprise for all To/Die/For devoted fans.

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