Draconian – Sovran

Draconian’s latest release “Sovran” is an absolutely delightful treat to celebrate, and survive, the dreadful grip of winter. It’s a relief to see that Draconian didn’t end up like many other bands that made poor choices when selecting a new female singer, in fact Heike Langhans’s vocals perfectly match every musical aspect of “Sovran” which embodies the band’s truly decadent gothic spirit.
“Heavy Lies the Crown” pays homage to that vintage gothic metal, certainly My Dying Bride, that we all still need badly in our withered lives. Loads of doom influences are perceivable in the slow & heavy guitar riffs while the lead guitar work delivers a more luminous tune, in general the instrumental breakdowns hold an extraordinarily dramatic feeling. Heike Langhans and Anders Jacobsson successfully deliver a terrific duet in Beauty & the Beast style but nothing seems dated or exaggerated as many would dare to say.
You will fall in love repeatedly with the mellifluous melancholy of “Pale Tortured Blue”. The haunting songwriting features romantically gothic super slow guitar riffing and soothing violins that create an everlasting atmospheric sadness further portrayed by Heike’ s emotionally fragile delivery and Anders’s sorrowful growls.
On “Stellar Tombs” Heike’s vocals acquire a multidimensional romanticism following a rather genuine musical layout enriched by highly harmonious chords. While Anders delivers a full array of grim vocals, the guitar riffs and the chorus hold an inner soulful catchiness in the midst of gloomy atmospheric arrangements.
“Rivers Between Us” has the unconditional sweetness of a dreamy ballad with the exquisite addition of darkly poetic melodies. Daniel Änghede from Crippled Black Phoenix provides passionately flawless clean vocals and the duet with Heike provides an overdose of enchanting romanticism while the intoxicatingly harmonious guitar solo is an effortless source of pure melancholy.
“The Marriage Of Attaris” has a magical poetic core that persistently delivers a transcendental despair even through heavier guitar riffing and deeply powerful growls. The melodic aspect of this song relies on classic gothic doom deliveries supporting Heike’s heartfelt vocals and that beloved renowned wintry gloom that elegantly, yet inevitably, engulfs every hope.
In the current chaotic metal scene it takes talent and courage to embrace art and poetry like Draconian continues to do on an honest, no special effects and pirouettes needed, work of music such as “Sovran” which all of you should relentlessly listen to and support.

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