Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud

Amorphis, one of the most prolific and enduring Finnish bands, comes back with a new album graciously entitled “Under The Red Cloud” that, once again, fully embraces all the beloved elements that constitute the band’s musical vision.
The title track stays true to the everlasting icy melancholy made in Scandinavia with mellow piano and guitar melodies, but there is still space for a folkish delivery that never disappoints. The soothing melodic nature of this track and the groovy memorable chorus will certainly please at the very first listening.
“The Four Wise Ones” delivers a mesmerizing gelid atmosphere where blackened primordial roots harmoniously embrace the folk melodic elegance that is a distinctive aspect of Amorphis’s legacy. Despite the towering presence of growls, the song’s main theme revolves around polished guitars and sorrowful phrases while the metal groove takes over the chorus with an unexpected energetic blast.
“Death Of A King” will easily become a favorite song as it pays homage to Amorphis original breakthrough style with that full blown folk groove that we all learned to love unconditionally. Among a soundscape of gelid darkness, you will find a tribal escapade of enticing percussions and magic flute elegantly supported by smooth melodic riffs.
You will find more magic flute dreamy extravaganza, effortlessly performed by Chrigel Glanzmann from Eluveitie, on “Tree Of Ages” where fascinating folk melodies fully embrace the traditional blackened roots embodied by Tomi Joutsen’s energetic growls.
“Sacrifice” relies on a catchy friendly melodic core borderline ballad, but the true star of the show is the guitar work, subtle yet empowering, that reaches its acme in the decadently romantic solo.
“Enemy At The Gates” evokes the mystical feelings of Nordic folklore and fairytales with captivating arpeggios, dreamy flute melodies and vintage flavored keyboards. At the same time, the sinuous song structure allows a rather primal dark soul where growls and guitars get on the heavier side.
“Under The Red Cloud” might not bring any shocking musical innovation but it certainly offers a generous musical variety that will provide a great relaxing listening for all Amorphis fans.

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