Helloween – My God Given Right

With thirty years of career and fifteen studio albums, Helloween doesn’t need any formal introduction. The latest release “My God Given Right” certainly doesn’t bring anything innovative to the renowned poppy power metal recipe fully embraced by the band, but if they don’t feel awkward about it why should we?
The title track surely sounds as catchy as you would expect with all the traditional power metal riffs but at the same time the overall structure and style feels weakened and monochromatic. Also, the pop style breakdown doesn’t bring a necessary dose of joyful excitement.
“Stay Crazy” might have a promising soothing arpeggio but the rest of the song relies too much on an average array of guitar riffs that create a standard frame for a very poppy chorus. The guitar solo features some lovely shreds but not enough to save the day.
“Russian Roulè” is a mid paced ensemble of power metal crunchy riffs and a much needed heavier attitude featuring less simplistic musical variations. This is probably the only compelling song you will find here and even the catchy chorus, as well as the energetic guitar solo, has a more serious straight forward attitude.
The attractive element on “The Swing Of The Fallen World” is undoubtedly the somber atmosphere which feels like a breath of fresh air erasing the overwhelming happiness that lingers throughout the album. Also, the harsh vocal delivery and the textured guitar solo seem to blend well with the main musical theme.
“Like Everybody Else” features a ballad style melancholy that creates an introspective mood. There is nothing extravagant or extremely creative here, but there are plenty of enjoyable peaceful harmonies.
“Claws” feeds off blasting rock energy with very dominant guitar and faster rhythm. The overall songwriting and style focuses on a heavier high impact metal approach while the vocals still lean toward a happier mood.
“You, Still Of War” starts with a dramatic atmosphere that gradually flows into heavier guitar riffs. The chorus fits the classic power metal structure while the melodic core relies on layers of epic keyboards and polished prog influenced guitar work.
Once again, it’s really hard to take Helloween’s music seriously but we can’t forget that this cheesy/kitsch style is what really symbolizes the band’s successful career. Therefore, “My God Given Right” is a safe collection of songs truly dedicated to Helloween’s fans who will probably find something to love and hold dear in every song.

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