Kadavar – Abra Kadavar

We’ve seen it on the fashion runways and all over the music scene, so I guess that 70’s style is officially trendy again. The German act Kadavar certainly embraced full speed every musical aspect of 70’s classic rock and even the band’s image matches that particular music direction perfectly.
On the new album “Abra Kadavar” (lovely title by the way and maybe pun intended?) you will find all the magic nostalgia of the unforgettable golden days of true hard rock with that delicious hint of psychedelic mood.
“Come Back Life” holds no secrets and no digital special effect. Simple and well executed, this is a distorted guitar driven tune that never fails to build a fun groove with nostalgic Black Sabbath influences.
“Doomsday Machine” feels more like a time machine as its one and only duty is to efficiently take you back in time for a chance to jam in a smoky bar. The groove is always there and the rhythm is laid back without pretenses.
“Eye Of The Storm” is full of catchy guitar riffs that aim to create a good time rather than to deliver a perfect record that will sell out. Yet, you will start to notice that the vocals can be obnoxiously repetitive while the guitars take more chances to get wild in the last two minutes.
“Liquid Dream” not only manages to keep that overwhelmingly groovy maybe bluesy guitar riff but also provides all you need to trip out without regrets.
“Rhythm For Endless Minds” will make a difference. That’s how we like it here…filled with illusions…psychedelic all the way through with hints of Monster Magnet. Slower beat and electronically fueled atmosphere on which you must go experimental with the guitar sound. This is when you realize that the possibilities are endless.
“Abra Kadabra” is another lucky moment. Every instrument here concocts a wide array of psychedelic rock melodies that favor genuine tripping and courageously open the doors of imagination.
Undoubtedly, Kadavar stays true to its musical vision without any apparent effort but “Abra Kadavar” as a whole can be monotone at times.

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