Sirenia – Perils Of The Deep Blue

When it comes to a Sirenia’s new album it’s like playing with fire after being repeatedly burned in the past. You must remember the pain and that you shouldn’t do it anymore, but you always do it anyway. This time could be different because “Perils Of The Deep Blue” comes with unbreakable promises, maybe.
The album opens with the intro “Ducere Me In Lucem” and a Latin title always creates majestic expectations and endless illusions. Then again, if you stick to angelic vocals haunting you from far away and sweet melancholic piano melodies what could ever go wrong?
“Seven Widows Weep” has an undeniably powerful start with the “oh so lovely” operatic choir that here almost sounds evil and angry (this is a very good sign). The guitar’s sound is dirty and the growls are greedy, but Ailyn’s lead vocals still feel out of place. What a pity, especially considering that the keyboards arrangement is as exquisite as it can be.
“My Destiny Coming To Pass” has a classic pompous symphonic approach but the surprisingly violent guitar riffs deserve to be acknowledged while Ailyn’s super fragile and overwhelmingly optimistic delivery (full of echoes and unnatural reverb) is not impressive.
“Decadence” has a catchy and quick rhythm but the vocals are way too high for the melody tuning. Anyways, the blast of evil growls always brings hope while the lack of Gregorian chants makes this song particularly sad.
“Stille Kom Døden” holds the magic of a miracle with its blessed decadent tragic gothic attitude, lovely guitar leads and the genuine powerless feelings of tormented souls. Among the super sad melodies, Ailyn manages to match her vocals to the musical tapestry for the first time. And then the ominous choir helps Morten’s alluring growls to seal this impeccable moment.
“A Blizzard Is Storming” features some inspiring moments such as the darker melodic theme gothic-oriented emphasized by tight guitar riffs a bit on the heavy side and a harrowing solo.
Undoubtedly, “Perils Of The Deep Blue” shows a noticeable improvement in the songwriting and arrangement but, fearlessly, I will say again that Morten Veland does not need a pop style female singer to make Sirenia trendy and successful.

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