Monster Magnet – Last Patrol

Monster Magnet’s latest release entitled “Last Patrol” is not just another stoner rock album. Maybe it’s the witty lyrics, the true passion for music or the “don’t give a damn about trendy stuff that sells” attitude that makes a real difference. Once again, Mr. Wyndorf & co. just go out there and jam like there’s no tomorrow, and you can always feel it.
As soon as you listen to the album opener “I Live Behind The Clouds” you start spacing out, irrationally perhaps, but you can’t help it. The melody is sweet and peaceful, a bit deceiving at first, the mood is sorrowful thanks to Wyndorf’s dirty lunatic vocals. Even when the drums kick in a certain feeling of impending perdition lingers on.
The titletrack shows that as much as every note feels spontaneously groovy, this is a bitter thoughtful song. It is fundamental to stress the perfection of the guitar sound rightfully dwelling in the dreamy realm of psychedelic rock (pay attention to some extra psychedelic magic lurking in the background). An impressive and super groovy guitar solo and a blissful rage in the vocals make this song a must have. Of course, the tempo changes, the emotionally trippy breakdown that melts into a wild jam (which seems to go on forever just like an auditory hallucination) and the top notch production must no be taken lightly.
Wyndorf takes the role of an ascetic storyteller on “Three Kingfishers”. You can hear classic Black Sabbath dark aura lingering on the acoustic melody. But, again, it’s the guitars building an unforgettable groove that violently pull you into a kaleidoscopic vortex.
“Mindless Ones” is an ensemble of fine stoner rock riffs and wasted rocker attitude. Besides the super-duper groove that induces dancing and screaming, the highlight here is Wyndorf’s performance all raspy and raw in classic Monster Magnet’s style. Savor every guitar solo because this type of lustful enthusiasm for music is becoming a rarity.
“The Duke (Of Supernature)” has a sexy rock ‘n roll attitude that makes you feel like smoking weed staring (and eventually spacing out once more) at the sunset. There’s also a bittersweet romantic mood in the round of acoustic arpeggios. And when dirty distortion kicks in all those guitars’ shreds keep on playing tricks on your mind.
Seriously, who could ever resist Mr. Dave Wyndorf’s power tripping charm? Do yourself a favor, set “Last Patrol” in loop, for good measure, and space out without regrets, you know that there’s nothing interesting going on out there anyways.

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