Paradise Lost – Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)

It’s time to get all emotional and nostalgic because another great band is celebrating the 25th anniversary. Not many bands can achieve so much and Paradise Lost being pioneers of gothic metal can certainly brag about such an awesome career. “Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)” is a compilation of previously released rare songs and a new one chosen to commemorate this important anniversary.
“Loneliness Remains” is definitely an iconic gothic metal track that recalls the early band’s realeses. Besides the doom attitude on the guitar riffs and solo, here you will find the heavily decadent sound of gothic and the obviously desperate gloomy atmosphere.
The cover of “Never Take Me Alive” by Spear Of Destiny has instead a different musical approach much closer to the modern sound of Paradise Lost. It’s an easy song that sounds like a semi ballad mainly with clean vocals and less gothic decadence.
“Last Regret” and “Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us” caught my attention right away because they’re both orchestra mixes. So, you definitely get what you expect as these great classic melodies are totally turned upside down and reinterpreted by a real full orchestra with all the instrumental variety and elegant execution.
“Cardinal Zero” comes as a reality check, bringing back the heavy gloom of typical Paradise Lost guitar riffs and of course that agonizing sadness that we all love and need.
If you crave for more somber feelings you will appreciate “Godless” filled with the slow ominous atmosphere of something tragic, and possibly very dark, coming right at you.
Another odd cover is “Missing” by Everything But The Girl which sounds way too hopeful with potential sunshine or something like that, nevertheless it’s all about cute easy melodies and playful experimentation.
The unforgettable classic newly recorded, “Gothic 2013” effortlessly maintains the same true gothic attitude and rainy day sadness but obviously the sound is less raw and more polished compared to the original.
“Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)” is a sweet treat for the band’s strong fanbase but the newbies out there can certainly enjoy it as well.

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