Monster Magnet – Milking The Stars: A Re-imagining Of Last Patrol

We can all agree on the fact that Monster Magnet’s “Last Patrol” has represented a tremendous come back, so why not re-imagining this album in an even more twisted fashion? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Wyndorf’s eclectic mind is always working in mysterious and marvelous ways and the result is called “Milking The Stars: A Re-imagining Of Last Patrol”. As Dave Wyndorf himself has stated, the songs taken from “Last Patrol” on this album are reinterpreted in a weird old-school fashion as if they have been written in 1968. If that’s not enough for the greedy fans, the album contains also four brand new tracks and if you’re lucky to get your hands on the limited edition you’ll get two live bonus tracks.
“Let The Circus Burn” is your classic edgy psychedelic dream trip. This is an instrumental track that focuses on a truly vintage guitar sound in trippy acid rock fashion surrounded by a wide array of multichromatic effects. Due to the peculiar richness of details, this song will require multiple listening to fully grasp its inner beauty.
“Mindless Ones ‘68” is a powerful bombastic blast all the way through. Considering that this was hands down one of my favorite track on “Last Patrol”, I must admit that even this version doesn’t disappoint. The new key elements here, besides the more vintage and raw sound, is the addition of the organ arrangement that delivers an enchanting bitterness but still makes you want to jump and dance.
“No Paradise For Me” features a brilliant cathartic Wyndorf’s monologue full of hidden meaningful truths (as always, think about the cult song “Zodiac Lung”). The music is made of eerie hypnotic melodies full of magical reverb that concocts the uneasy feeling of being lost in the middle of a desert or in the outer space, if you prefer.
“Milking The Stars” starts with decadently romantic mood, almost tinged with a sinister vibe, with a slow enchanting rhythm. It’s just lovely how all those peaceful arpeggios increasingly flow into the familiar psychedelic tunnel, another good chance to space out with no return, which has become a trademark of the band’s music style.
“The Duke (Full On Drums ‘N Wah)” gains a great deal of readily appreciable hyper dynamicity with the addition of groovy drums and intensely attractive guitar tunes. Still, the main melody keeps the sexy and shimmering vintage stoner rock vibe of the original version.
In the end, there’s so much more than meets the eye as “Milking The Stars: A Re-imagining Of Last Patrol” is not only an elegantly crafted work of music but also an authentic showcase of the fervent avant-garde creativity behind Monster Magnet’s music pathway.

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