Orphaned Land – All Is One

Orphaned Land is one of those bands that do not really require any formal introduction. Despite the long career, the Israeli band has not released many albums but each full length is well known to hold an incredible musical strength and intensely peaceful messages. These reasons alone would be enough to justify the great expectation behind the release of the latest album entitled “All Is One”.
The title track is quite easy to love with that elegant epic taste in the guitar work and the euphoric strength of symphonic metal. At the same time, you will always be attracted by the oriental folk elements that here are particularly joyous.
It cannot be denied that the Middle Eastern theme is exceptionally intense on “The Simple Man”. The music core here is certainly radio friendly with mid paced rhythm, pleasantly melodic guitars and powerful choirs.
“Let The Truce Be Known” easily follows the same musical pathway. The melodic side of the band becomes once again the preferred choice. The rhythm is further slowed down to reach a palpable melancholic mood gracefully rendered by the keyboards work without putting aside the strong oriental vibe.
“Through Fire And Water” is a more complex and definitely more interesting track. The intricate sitar intro is just breathtaking. The melodic guitars are fluently adorned by loads of sorrowful keyboards, but the authentic highlight is represented by the cathartic ensemble of emotions portrayed by the male and female vocals.
“Fail” has a remarkably darker mood where guitars steal the scene with delightful progressive rock melodies. While the song starts with a heavier approach and intense growls, there is still space for more accessible tunes and super clean guitar solos.
“Our Own Messiah” is powerfully dramatic both in terms of lyric content and music style. Yet, the lead guitars and the choirs deliver an uplifting vibe that makes you hope for a better future. Following the delicately slow breakdown, the passionate musicianship displayed on the guitar’s progression and solo cannot go unnoticed.
With “All Is One”, Orphaned Land has delivered a collection of meaningful songs that will hopefully reach a wider range of listeners worldwide.

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