Death SS – Resurrection

Listening to “Resurrection” by Death SS feels like a full immersion in the perilously dark realm of nostalgia. Even if nothing on this album will win prizes for innovation and creative energy, there will be a certain dose of childish guilty pleasure associated with each and every song. Even if the band has been around since the 70s, it was back in 1991 that Steve Sylvester & co. truly rocked the scene with the breakthrough release of “Heavy Demons” bringing evil corruption and horror everywhere around you.
It is noteworthy that Steve Sylvester’s voice is still in great shape after approximately thirty years of career.
“Revived” is a straight forward heavy rock guitar driven tune with the addition of modern electro elements that renders it quite dancy. The rhythm is undeniably groovy and Steve Sylvester is running the (freak) show with feverish vocals.
“The Crimson Shrine” is like the traditional blast from the past. Nothing is too heavy on top of the traditionally metal style keyboards. But as expected, Steve Sylvester’s vocal delivery is the reason why you will love this song. His voice is scratchy and somehow melancholic on this slow paced tune adorned by the most classic heavy guitar solo all licks and distortion.
“Dionysus” is all about classic rock guitar riffs but still quite gothic with a somewhat retro flavor especially on the female chorus. If you like the romantic/gothic vibe elegantly delivered by the keyboards work, you will definitely enjoy the similar sweet decadence that overwhelmingly diffuses through “Star In Sight”.
“Ogre’s Lullaby” is exactly a nightmarish lullaby with a tormented doomish guitar riff in loop made to bring the full of the creepiness of the monsters under your childhood bed.
“The Devil’s Graal” is a quite enjoyable slower track with a deeply melancholic acoustic intro and a classically fully shred guitar solo.
“Bad Luck” opens up with Steve Sylvester’s twisted laughter and traditionally distorted rock vibe. This is a not to be missed fun horror rock tune with full blast guitar riffs and crazy solo tapping.
Overall, “Resurrection” is a very consistent and strong album in terms of both style variety and musicianship. It is definitely a must have for the band’s eternally loyal fanbase.

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