Kingcrow – In Crescendo

It’s often hard to keep track of all the prolific metal bands that populate the underground scene. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that few people will stumble on the newest Kingcrow’s release entitled “In Crescendo”. This is a quite straight forward album with a strong progressive attitude highly influenced by Dream Theater and other similar bands.

If this album frequently fails to deliver a unique songwriting, the outstanding execution tends to fill the gap.

“Right Before” is certainly a majestic opener full of lovely prog oriented guitar riffs but, in the end, we are all very familiar with this type of guitar work. Regardless, the melodic catchy side of this track will surely attract the listeners.

The next song is entitled “This Ain’t Another Love Song” but we know that metalheads are always drawn to romantic love songs. This track is extremely catchy and focuses on hyper melodic guitar arpeggios intertwined with blasting prog riffs and entertaining tempo variations.

“The Hatch” has a more atmospheric approach and an emotional dramatic vibe. The guitar work holds a particular intensity as it delightfully mixes multiple styles ranging from classic prog in Queensryche fashion to  rock acoustic rhymes.

“The Drowning Line” showcases another interesting musical concoction built around a very energetic rhythm. Between the wicked tight riffing, the keyboards amenities and the expected tempo changes, there is also space for a memorable chorus and a technically melodic guitar solo.

The title track has a darker mood but it still filled with uplifting attentive prog riffs and variegated keyboards arrangements. This lengthy song is certainly more complex and ambitious in terms of composition. At the same time, all the musical elements seem to fit nicely and build a reasonably natural flow. Obviously, in order to favor the technical showcase of Kingcrow’s progressive musicianship the main musical theme might get lost at times.

“In Crescendo” is a well developed collection of catchy songs that will easily make the band gain a wider audience worldwide.


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