Spheric Universe Experience – The New Eve

On the latest album “The New Eve”, French progressive metal acolytes Spheric Universe Experience attempt to personalize and modernize some of the traditionally acclaimed progressive features. Since this seems to be an experimental release, it is reasonable to encounter some uneasy moments here and there.

“Shut Up” has too many predictable guitar riffs with a pompous sound and an awkward chorus. The main musical theme is a kind of hybrid made of classic metal elements with scattered touches of prog and electro.

The title track has a very modern approach but everything still revolves around this unclear electro/metal hybrid style that feels quite confusing at times. Despite the unnatural vibe, the slower breakdown delivers simple clean vocals and some interesting keyboards/guitar duet in true prog fashion.

“Escape” still holds the classic trademark of progressive metal with a particularly intense guitar work. Yet, the overall atmosphere lingers more towards a modern electro/alternative rock style. The vocals here are way too soft and polished to match the powerfully frenetic rhythm.

“The Day I Died” begins with an obvious sad mood, but it doesn’t last long as the electro beat Orgy style takes over. Despite the effort to smooth the edges and blend all the instruments harmoniously, the song clearly lacks a solid catchy tune.

“Self Abuse” has a more aggressive and frenetic rhythm. Guitars and keyboards work together to build a strong musical core that later gives way to some technical prog solos.

“My Heart On The Cross” is an electro semi ballad filled with synths and softly romantic vocals. The slow atmospheric chorus is stripped of the usual crunchy guitars and results more natural.

In the end, “The New Eve” is written and executed to attempt to conquer a wide audience outside of the strict metal scene but the songwriting doesn’t show a consistent maturity. This album is pervaded by a constant desire for a musical change; Spheric Universe Experience might eventually achieve a more personal distinct sound in the near future.


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