The 69 Eyes – Universal Monsters

The most beloved Helsinki vampires The 69 Eyes are finally back with their 11th full length album entitled “Universal Monsters” full of irresistible catchy tunes that will not disappoint their fanbase.

It’s love at first bite with the opening track “Dolce Vita” which runs on a delectable ensemble of dirty coated guitar riffs. Jyrki channels his gothic heritage with deep decadent baritone vocals that carry an overload of dark energy on the super catchy chorus. The music theme here totally recalls the golden era of “Paris Kills” with all the elements smoothly set up in the right place at the right time including a lovely melodic guitar solo.

“Jet Fighter Plane” might sound less romantic with a rather dark pop mood but it still delivers loads of widely accessible catchy guitar riffs with a sticky chorus embellished by melodic keyboards.

On “Blackbird Pie” Jyrki’s performance mixing retro and gothic vibes take the center stage. Despite the groovy gospel style choirs this song might not become an instant hit, yet it pleasantly embraces multiple music styles interpreted with a remarkable vintage rock sound that holds a dirty energetic soul.

“Miss Pastis” has a guitar driven dancey groove full of proper punk raw edges surprisingly adorned by a charming retro organ. Overall, the smooth guitar solos, the trippy breakdown and Jyrki’s semi evil laughter will conquer the heart of every listener.

“Shallow Graves” stays true to the band’s musical legacy, so while the music style feels safe there is that graceful goth ‘n’ roll groove that still lures easily the listeners. Once again Jyrki successfully delivers that cold and gloomy gothic touch that scales down the positive pop style embedded in the riffs.

“Blue” is a slow paced goth ballad with an appropriate icy melancholy emphasized by borderline romantic vocals and surreal orchestration filled with an intrinsic atmospheric daydream mood that favors relaxation.

With “Universal Monsters” The 69 Eyes show that they’re still undeniably good at what they do with a transcendent passion for music and in the end it’s only goth ‘n’ roll but we like it.

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