Ghost Bath – Moonlover

With the newest album “Moonlover”, American act Ghost Bath fully embraces the black metal and shoegazing fusion that is becoming a buzzing trend either loved or simply hated. While we all deeply love Alcest, the French pioneers of this genre, it might get some time to get used to the newer bands that are bound to appear in the metal scene.

“Golden Number” is all about sharp guitar riffs that cannot hide an uplifting tone and the lead guitar is almost full of positive energy and hopes for a better tomorrow. The melodies, at times on the mellow side, flow smoothly and there is still an oppressive feeling that we cannot leave behind but the final classically elegant piano piece brings everything in place like it was always supposed to be.

“The Silver Flower Pt. 1” calls for a deep state of relaxation as it has a more decadent approach with a sentimental melancholy vibe graciously enhanced by dreamy arpeggios surrounded by peaceful sounds of nature.

“The Silver Flower Pt. 2” still holds that same mystical atmosphere and a faded sense of hopefulness but the additional distortion and relentless guitar riffing delivers a heavier style with some identifiable black metal roots.

“Ascension” has a more dramatic spirit that hides behind a fast black metal asphyxiating style rhythmic session but becomes more alluring and spontaneous when everything slows down to allow the crystalline luminous guitar work the right moment to shine.

“Moonlover” might be considered an interesting, at times captivating, anthem of the modern blackgaze trend and it will certainly bring Ghost Bath the desired dose of fame & glory.

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