Grand Magus – Sword Songs

Swedish act Grand Magus comes back with a full blown Viking metal album entitled “Sword Songs” that definitely stays true to such title. If you’re in love with triumphant traditional epic metal full of powerful riffs and folk/pagan themes you will certainly be entertained by “Sword Songs”.

“Freja’s Choice” is on the heavier side with a delectable array of groovy guitar riffs surrounding a quite melodic core. The vocals hold a steady power metal vibe, especially on the super catchy chorus, and the majestically harmonious guitar solo is meant to steal the scene.

“Forged In Iron – Crowned In Steel” starts with a soft arpeggio that introduces a rampage of crunchy guitar riffs and faster drumming. While the breakdown displays some somber doom accent the whole song celebrates Viking metal, swords and steel in typical power metal fashion.

“Born For Battle (Black Dog Of Brocéliande)” is definitely a heavy metal warrior anthem filled with crispy dirty guitar riffing and raspy vocals but the melodic core is still quite dominant in the classic lead guitar work and monumental catchy chorus that recalls Manowar’s style.

“Every Day There’s A Battle To Fight” is another true warrior’s anthem, this time with a touch of melancholy, and is all about that classic metal charisma and inner strength naturally instilled by a collection of genuine guitar riffs. This song features a solid mid paced rhythm and victorious melodies that culminate in a proud memorable chorus.

In the end, “Sword Songs” might suffer from certain repetitive cliché that result in a lack of clever creativity but it remains an enjoyable collection of songs suitable for the average metal audience.

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