Fleshgod Apocalypse – King

With the latest release entitled “King” Fleshgod Apocalypse delivers another ambitious concept album on which the band follows no rules and no restrains in order to achieve a personal intricate music style.

The opening intro “Marche Royale” sets a triumphant sense of high expectations that certainly attracts even the occasional listeners by instilling a genuine curiosity for what will happen next.

Without any abrupt interruption “In Aeternum” continues to deliver that same majestic mood that smoothly mixes a sumptuous operatic style with a heavy death metal core. While the guitar solo has a technical approach, it also brings a generous melodious vibe that perfectly fits the elegant classically inspire orchestration.

“Healing Through War” features an overload of crunchy tight guitar riffing that will please those who seek the cold embrace of death metal. Yet, the classic atmospheric orchestration, the melodic guitar solo and the overall eerie mood are the most entertaining elements on this track.

“The Fool” feels like a mischievous masquerade and is a rather enjoyable tune since the very beginning where neoclassical harpsichord and dissonant chords end up entwined in a frantic death metal rhythm. The clean passionate chorus and the polished technical guitar solo add a melodic vibe to the triumphant orchestration.

“Cold As Perfection” has a more dramatic atmosphere where the operatic style composition is further amplified by fierce choirs and sentimental female vocals. While the guitar riffs and drumming maintain a dynamic death metal approach the breakdown featuring spoken words and melodic piano smoothly prepares the scenery for a proper epic operetta featuring alluring soprano vocals.

“And The Vulture Beholds” is another grandiose symphonic track where operatic orchestration constantly embellish the crude and wild rhythmic ensemble. Once the frenetic tempo slows down melodic lead guitars take the center stage to deliver a whimsical sense of cold melancholy while the chorus adds a taste of disarming despair.

“Syphilis” has a tragically ominous atmosphere with doomish elements that repeatedly evoke an asphyxiating sense of perennial suffering or loss of sanity through an overdose of stylish melodies. Once again, the operatic and classical elements acquire a fundamental role in the complex orchestration and songwriting culminating with a marvelous soprano performance in perfect theatrical drama style.

“King” is an extremely cohesive album that flows easily with a brilliantly successful concoction of classical music and rough death metal that absolutely demands the listeners’ attention and genuine appreciation.

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