Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette

Scorpion Child’s brand new album “Acid Roulette” is a nostalgic invitation to join a wild trippy journey on which your only spiritual guide might be a dusty electric guitar. The psychedelic attitude and the acidic analog groove embedded in each song will inevitably attract numerous listeners who long for dreamy good vibes and old fashioned stoner rock.

“She Sings, I Kill” has an inspiring vintage sound with a genuine classic rock themed galloping guitar riffs and a pleasantly danceable rhythm. On vocals Aryn Jonathan Black channels some fancy rock icons such as Robert Plant but manages to add a personal soulful glamour.

“My Woman In Black” packs an overdose of groovy guitar riffs that feel like a sparkly rollercoaster in the middle of the desert and you just cannot sit still. The dirty hard rock core is filled with bluesy energy and healthy mid paced rhythm while the scratchy chorus is absolutely addictive.

The title track channels a trippy psychedelic mood as everything slows down with languid guitar phrases creating a melancholic feeling of lost hopes and emotional decadence. Yet, the true highlight is the outstanding full blown 70’s style organ momentum in perfect psychedelic fashion that makes you want to dance inside a hazy dream until dawn.

“Twilight Coven” features another highly addictive chorus but let’s not forget the incendiary guitar driven stoner rock fast paced rhythm that would drive wild any crowd at a show. The breakdown channels a lucid dream vibe while smoothly adding a proper dose of crispy bluesy mood to the increasingly catchy stoner rock mix.

“Survives” is a borderline romantic ballad with a daydreaming melody but its gritty guitar riffing still holds the acidic stoner rock attitude. On this song Aryn Jonathan Black rightfully takes the center stage to proudly show his prowess and to deliver a passionately astounding vocal performance.

“Moon Tension” is another exciting track that would sound quite loud and powerful live as it features a rampage of super catchy classic rock riffs with tasteful vintage accents in the midst of a energetic unrestrained rhythm.

“Acid Roulette” has what it takes to satisfy the perennial crave for sonic hallucinations that make you feel good even in daylight and shows that Scorpion Child has potential to become a major act in the stoner rock scene.

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