Sylvaine – Wistful

With the release of her sophomore album “Wistful” Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine invites the listeners to join a fragile dreamy musical journey filled with darkened emotions and shattered hopes in ethereal shoegaze fashion. The strong influence of critically acclaimed French band Alcest is rather palpable at the very first listening, therefore it’s not surprising to see mastermind Neige’s participation as drummer on this album.

On “Delusions” Sylvaine takes the delicate role of an angelic storyteller in the midst of intensely ethereal atmospheres. The guitar riffs visibly recall the dismal strength of Scandinavian metal while the main melodic theme, filled with floating eerie ambient elements, evokes a sonic dreamland vaguely kissed by scattered sunlight shining through clouds.

“A Ghost Trapped In Limbo” embodies a familiar feeling of icy desolation with softly somber guitar riffs illuminated by Sylvaine’s crystal ethereal vocals. The typical post-rock/shoegaze tone is tinged by a gothic nurtured melancholy further enhanced by a cycle of dreamy arpeggios.

“Like A Moth To A Flame” is another highly emotional track with loads of ambient layers, catchy guitar riffs and surreal lullaby style chanting that instill the lovely feeling of a spiritual rendezvous in the middle of an enchanted forest.

The title track shines for its quietly inspiring introspective value veiled by a perennial sadness incarnated by clean minimalist guitar phrases that gently shimmer through atmospheric moodiness. Sylvaine’s vocals act as a guiding light for all the lost ones looking for fresh hopefulness while the haunting melody is graciously embellished by the elegantly classical violin and cello ensemble.

In the end, Neige’s personal music style has a deeply undeniable influence all over “Wistful” nevertheless Sylvaine has created a rather lovely soundtrack for a daily peaceful daydreaming.

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