Borderlands – Voice Of The Voiceless

Portuguese progressive metalcore band Borderlands tries to achieve wide recognition in the overcrowded metal scene with a fairly solid debut full length entitled “Voice Of The Voiceless”.

“Children Of The Storm” offers just a taste of melodic prog phrases as it mainly focuses on the furious speed of Borderlands’ metalcore influence with a dynamic range of fast technical guitar riffs and enraged screams.

“Essencia” shines for the atmospheric mood that balances the heavier metalcore rhythmic section and gives way to fascinating technical guitar riffing and syncopated tempo changes.

The titletrack delivers another generous dose of blasting drumming and thick rhythm smoothly embellished by polished guitar harmonies that add a tasteful melodic soundscape.

“Children Of The Sun” still showcases the main heavier aspects of the album but adds a particular sonic richness with rather dreamy atmospheric instrumental moments that spontaneously channel familiar soothing melodies.

In terms of songwriting Borderlands seems to deliver better ideas with the melodic prog oriented themes rather than with the straight forward metalcore rampage and as a whole “Voice Of The Voiceless” manages to work as a cohesive debut effort.

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