Textures – Phenotype

Dutch band Textures delivers a brand new album entitled “Phenotype” that offers a powerful blend of technical progressive metal with modern metalcore accents consistent with the band’s steady musical pathway.

“Oceans Collide” presents an aggressively heavy approach with a reckless rhythm and raging screams that keep on building a relentless energetic groove but also the song structure leaves some space for clean linear choruses.

“New Horizons” puts aside any exaggerated need for speed and fury to give space to a lovely melodic core smoothly adorned by atmospheric layers and emotionally charged clean vocals. The obvious highlights feature some stunningly executed guitar work with the beloved clarity of prog style that always provide the right dose of soothing harmony.

“Illuminate The Trail” has a highly melodic nature where luminous guitar leads successfully create an uplifting vibe further expressed by clean vocals. While the guitar work shows a clear progressive influence borderline virtuoso multiple layers of atmospheric synths add an ethereal feeling.

“The Fourth Prime” opens with moody ambiance right before the entrance of a brisk rampage of tight guitar riffing and raspy screams. The almost dissonant tempo changes favor a seamless shift between a heavier metalcore drum centered rhythm and friendly darkened melodic breakdowns featuring an enthralling mix of guitar solo and arpeggios.

Overall, “Phenotype” might not sound like a perfect masterpiece but it certainly showcases an appealing musical variety enhanced by genuinely mature musicianship proving that Textures has the potential to gain a wider audience.

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