Max Navarro- Somewhere South Of Heaven

The Italo-Canadian Max Navarro has released his 4th album “Somewhere South Of Heaven” last March via AW Recordings.
This is the first work after the changes in the line up and with the new label, produced by Nick Mayer and Max Navarro it’s recorded and mixed by Nico Odorico at Angel’s Wings Studios.
The album has a typical american rock sound with a lot of catchy melodies, the voice is particular, a bit hoarse and fits perfectly with the sounds of guitars.
The first single released is “Nine Flares”; a scream introduces a catchy sound, the guitar solo is really good and the refrain stays on head. The Italo-Canadian rocker said about it:”We were undecided between “Nine Flares” and “Sick Sentimental Plans” as opening single, it was a tough choice. At the end we opted for the first, but not to throw good moral messages. Now all teach to live, I’m not going to put me in line to be another who wants to do the usual priest that preaches against the use of drugs. The only interest is in telling the true story of a boy, one of many who don’t have it done. ”
“Sick Sentimental Plans” is the second single and from it has been released also a video-clip.
With only 1:35 of duration “Saturday Night” is an easy listening song in which the guitar becomes virtuous.
Ready for bang your head at the rhythm of “Stay”? With ridden rhythm and catchy melody this track takes your soul into the rock.
A ballad ends the album, “Bad Day” gets inside you to the bones and the passional guitar solo makes it a perfect song.
If I have to image me driving a car during the summer, “Somewhere South Of heaven” is the perfect soundtrack, with its harmonies, rhythms and clear sounds nothing could be better.

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