Eths – Ankaa

Modern metal French outfit Eths is determined to explore a variety of sonic dimensions with the release of the new album entitled “Ankaa” which features new vocalist Rachel Aspe and Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren.

“Nefas” begins with a creepy atmospheric mood that turns into a heavy turmoil of blasting drums and furious guitar riffs. The rather chaotic music theme showcases elements of nu metal and metalcore but there is also a gloomy melodic facet.

“Nihil Sine Causa” surprises with mesmerizing Arabic chanting and experimental electronic layers that add a multidimensional diversity to the highly aggressive metal core. The soft soothing chants effortlessly embrace the enraging growls and the resulting harmony creates a sharp yet enjoyable contrast.

“Seditio” is a triumph of pure melancholy with decadently gentle piano melodies that strangely embrace the enraged mix of growls and cleans. The melodic theme of the song has definitely a French bohemienne vibe even when heavier guitar riffing and drumming predominate.

“Sekhet Aaru” takes a break from the heavy galloping riffs to deliver a borderline ambiance track filled with darkly atmospheric arrangements and mystical chanting that invite the listeners to embrace a rather peaceful, yet sorrowful, soundscape.

“Kumari Kandam” continues to evoke the same mystical and mythological mood with mysterious atmospheric layers and an elegantly melodic theme. There is still space for some heavy guitar riffs and strong growls but the mellower side of the song is far more attractive.

“Mintaka” delivers another lovely mixture of ambiance atmospheres with an esoteric taste and scattered futuristic electro accents. There is also a powerful guitar driven groove mixed with highly melodic clean vocals with a touch of mystical chanting.

Overall, with “Ankaa” Eths manages to successfully blend multiple metal sub genres to create a more personal sonic identity that could make the band shine in the underground metal scene.

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