Death Angel – The Evil Divide

Back in the ‘80s Death Angel made a strong impact in the metal scene acquiring a wide audience of devoted angry teenagers and even now the band’s thrash style is still relevant and successful. With the latest release “The Evil Divide” Death Angel stays true to its own legendary thrash metal roots but manages to add some modern metal accents in the mix.

“The Moth” has an intense guitar driven sonic impact filled with exciting groovy riffs fast paced in thrash style but tinged with a blackened gloom. The powerful solid rhythmic backbone offer the perfect support for a melodic guitar solo and a catchy chorus of angry screams.

“Lost” favors the band’s melodic side smoothing the rough edges with a mellower rhythm and rather somber vocals. Mark Osegueda delivers some majestic signature screams on the chorus and the guitar solos take a larger role adding crafty harmonies.

“Father Of Lies” brings back a taste for aggressive speed with blistering guitar riffs and tight rhythm. Lead guitars continue to add delightful melodic phrases, especially in the final arpeggios, and the darkened harmonious shredding solo can be easily considered the highlight of the song.

“It Can’t Be This” kicks off with a strong bass line that gives way to a series of super tight thunderous thrash oriented guitar riffing that build a consistent groove further enhanced by Osegueda’s angry and dirty screams.

“Hatred United, United Hate” offers a relentless series of galloping crunchy guitar riffs that once again evoke Death Angel’s thrash roots and deliver a fluid melodic groove. The song’s theme appears to be quite dark rather than simply angry and the impressive savage guitar solo performed by Andreas Kisser of Sepultura is definitely a standout.

“The Evil Divide” is a cohesive vibrant thrash album that delivers some interesting stylistic ideas skillfully mixed with the beloved old school Bay Area sound and will certainly please Death Angel’s faithful fanbase.

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