Pelander – Time

Witchcraft’s fans are certainly familiar with multi instrumentalist and lyricist extraordinaire Magnus Pelander, therefore the release of his solo debut album “Time” will trigger great curiosity.

“Umbrella” shines for its catchy genuine melodies filled with folkish influences. The acoustic backbone has a minimalist approach but the addition of elegant flute and strings successfully enrich the music tapestry.

“True Colour” delivers a particularly gloomy atmosphere with decadently slow melodies and borderline dramatic vocals. The acoustic guitar solo momentarily breaks the somber mood with a series of uplifting notes followed by classical style strings.

“Precious Swan” is a quite unique track with an exquisitely sorrowful mood and prominent folk vibes. A generous dose of psychedelic rock enriches the dreamy acoustic theme while classical strings add a borderline cacophonic touch.

The title track focuses on smooth acoustic harmonies adorned by soft female vocals, occasional folk percussions and a highly nostalgic atmosphere.

Far away from the realm of doom rock/metal, “Time” is a full blown acoustic album focused on emotional depth and melancholic melodies that effortlessly embrace multiple musical styles celebrating true artistic freedom.

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