Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer

Longstanding German extreme metal act Heaven Shall Burn returns with a brand new album entitled “Wanderer” that delivers an enjoyable mature mix of ravenous heavy guitar driven tunes and friendly melodic passages.

“The Loss Of Fury” has what it takes to be a strong majestic album opener. In the midst of an atmospheric synth background Heaven Shall Burn unleash a strategic dose of heavy guitar riffing that never feels overwhelming as it introduces the vicious rhythmic blasts of “Bring The War Home”. This track revolves around an energetic unrestrained guitar driven groove that delivers the band’s signature extreme style and will certainly please any stubborn headbanger.

“Passage Of The Crane” has a charming melodic nature with polished guitar leads but there is also space for heavier riffing and ominous screams. The softer breakdown features an atmospheric theme enhanced by graceful female vocals.

“Downshifter” has a classic heavy approach with dynamic guitar riffs and rather powerful drum blasts that build a harsh groove while somber melodic guitar leads smooth the rough core and brighten up the general darkened mood.

“Prey To God” is a straight forward track full of ominous screams and insane growls featuring guest vocalist George “Corpsegrinder“Fisher of Cannibal Corpse while packing a relentless dose of brutal thrash influenced guitar riff and aggressive drumming.

Heaven Shall Burn surprises with the enticing cover of one of My Dying Bride’s most beloved masterpiece “The Cry Of Mankind”. The band maintains the exquisite dark beauty of the original version and Marcus Bischoff’s enraging growls perfectly complement the melodic vocals elegantly performed by Aðalbjörn Tryggvason of Sólstafir.

With a powerful array of tight guitar riffing “Wanderer” keeps alive Heaven Shall Burn’s main musical core but also offers scattered shimmery style surprises that make the whole album more entertaining than expected.

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