Vader – The Empire

Longstanding Polish extreme metal band Vader returns with the newest album “The Empire” which offers a rather safe collection of ravenous fast guitar driven tracks designed to trigger immediate heavy headbanging.

“Angel Of Steel” is all about thrash style fury perfectly portrayed by the relentless crunchy guitar riffs that build a strong groove while drums and bass keep a super tight rhythm.

“Prayer To The God Of War” features angered growls complemented by appropriate old school thrash metal guitar riffing while the fast ferocious leads add some stylish variety.

“Iron Reign” delivers highly catchy guitar riffs that grow violently stronger while the overall atmosphere gains a more darkened melodic feel at a slower pace.

“Parabellum” is another straightforward track that relies on a raw faster thrash approach with vicious growls, unrestrained drumming and a ferocious blistering guitar solo.

On “Send Me Back To Hell” the rhythm slows down significantly without sacrificing the evil nature of the song which shines especially for the fierce guitar solo licks that carry an understated melodic vibe.

With “The Empire” Vader delivers a cohesive work filled with the brutal musical concoctions expected by the band’s faithful fans without introducing any particularly surprising burst of creativity.

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