Sirenia – Dim Days Of Dolor

Mastermind Morten Veland returns with Sirenia’s latest full length melancholically entitled “Dim Days Of Dolor” which features opera singer Emmanuelle Zoldan as new lead vocalist.

“Goddess Of The Sea” delivers a powerful sense of grandeur with properly dramatic operatic choirs that gracefully supports Emmanuelle’s elegant vocal performance. Fascinating keyboards and orchestra arrangements keep a gravely melancholic mood while polished melodic guitar leads spice up the darkened theme.

The title track features an extremely catchy chorus and melodies that will get stuck on your mind even at the very first listening. The main music core is quite simplistic with an array of easy rock/pop guitar riffs and a super melodic solo always embellished by lovely atmospheric symphonic arrangements.

On “The 12th Hour” Emmanuelle delivers compelling soprano vocals that effortlessly complement Morten’s signature growls. This track features a faster tempo and a more aggressive guitar approach but the main music theme continues to revolve around Sirenia’s renowned melodic symphonic style.

“Veil Of Winter” has a cold gothic attitude with the infamous Scandinavian wintry mix that influences each melody. Morten and Emmanuelle diligently share vocal duties in the midst of a decadent melancholic musical theme where orchestrations are very dominant and guitars are left a bit in the background.

On “Elusive Sun” Emmanuelle’s whimsical vocals illuminate the gothic tinged sadness while the operatic choirs keep the symphonic flame alive with extra somber vibes. Crispy guitars add a metallic sheen to the super catchy melody while the solos are all about clean shredding.

“Aeon’s Embrace” is the must have piano piece filled with tragic emotionally charged ethereal vocals. Even if we all listened repeatedly to similar songs, the effortless melodic flow and the heartfelt vocals will certainly attract the audience.

Overall, Sirenia tends to stay true to the original music formula nevertheless “Dim Days Of Dolor” shines for the exquisite vocals performed by Emmanuelle Zoldan and the highly harmonious fluidity with the right touch of gothic atmosphere.

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