Sons Of Balaur – Tenebris Deos

Fictional Norwegian black metal band Sons Of Balaur comes to life straight out of the acclaimed metal graphic novel “Realm Of The Damned” to deliver a real full length release entitled “Tenebris Deos”. Considering the mythological biography supporting the band’s history and mysterious identity, “Tenebris Deos” might not sound like a serious musical effort but in general these songs seem to pack a fun blackened rock groove.

“Invocation” works well as opening act since it contains the main black metal influenced elements that characterize the music style of “Tenebris Deos”. There is nothing highly original and remarkable but the guitars never fail to offer catchy blackened riffs that evoke true traditional black metal anthems.

“Old Relics” has a raw rhythm with clear old school black metal roots but also a pompous mood with some epic warrior style choirs and faster guitar riffing entwined with few modern polished leads.

“Succubus Slut” has a fun black and roll mood with gritty guitar riffs and a catchy chorus that makes it a widely accessible tune.

“The Curse Of Bloodlust” relies on a faster rhythmic section and an ominous atmosphere with classic tremolo picking and traditionally enraged growls, yet nothing feels too extreme and the song actually ends with super soft semi acoustic passages.

“Van Helsing Must Die” has an obvious classic horror theme and attempts to sound as evil as possible with modern production, catchy guitar riffs and baritone growls.

“Balaur’s Rise” runs on a heavy slow doomish guitar riffing with a horror rock vibe that always maintains a groovy dynamic rhythm. Growls are performed in old school fashion and pay tribute to many iconic black metal acts.

Black metal kvlt followers will not take seriously Sons Of Balaur but fans of the “Realm Of The Damned” graphic novel will enjoy this real life debut album.

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