Anciients – Voice Of The Void

Canadian band Anciients returns with the sophomore album “Voice Of The Void” which delivers a captivating mix of prog, stoner and sludge highly focused on eclectic guitar dynamics.

“Following The voice” is an energetic guitar driven tune with rather heavy undertones featuring groovy riffs with loads of prog stylish details. Melodic flashy guitar leads showcase great musicianship and pleasant creativity in the midst of a harsh faster rhythmic section.

“Pentacle” is filled with cold dark undertones reflected in the particularly ominous growls and blackened somber guitar riffs. Soon a warmer light begins to embrace the rhythmic section in prog fashion with inspired melodic guitars.

“Ibex Eye” might be the most charismatic track with a genuine stoner soul spiced up by effortless prog style tempo changes. Clean vocals and growls fully embrace the general somber mood but the majestic intricate guitar work is the true highlight of the song.

“Incantations” starts with a series of dreamy arpeggios but this soothing atmosphere is not meant to last forever as a charismatic guitar solo introduces a blast of tight riffing. The overall groove is certainly catchy and heavy but in truth this track could have had a more mesmerizing effect as an instrumental.

“Voice Of The Void” might not be ready to attract a wide audience but it certainly delivers an enjoyable dose of musical diversity that will definitely trigger curiosity and interest in the metal scene.

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