Arkona – Vozrozhdenie

Beloved pagan/folk metal band Arkona has re-recorded the debut album “Vozrozhdenie” originally released in 2004. While in the past few years Arkona’s sound has achieved maturity and originality, “Vozrozhdenie” clearly contains the familiar elements that have contributed to the band’s current popularity.

“Kolyada” effortlessly relies on a strong folk rhythmic core featuring alluring flutes while the guitar riffs and drums hold evident extreme metal aspects. Masha delivers brutal growls that are quite unique for this music genre and is also capable of performing charming melodic cleans that add luminous emotions.

“Kdomu Svaroga” features average intense guitar riffing with a fast rhythm but the softly melodic flutes tend to steal the scene and Masha’s clean vocals successfully evoke ancient folk roots.

The title track might be the most fascinating song on this album. While the main music core continues to showcase a smooth blend of folk themes and heavier grooves the highlight can be found in the memorable folk melodic elements focused on magical flutes, atmospheric keyboards and Masha’s charismatic vocals.

“Po Zverinym Tropam” delivers a solemn atmosphere and a catchy mid-paced rhythm that favors Arkona’s folk roots with somber chants and melodic flutes.

“Zov Predkov” has a mysterious aura emphasized by eerie symphonic keyboards layers that introduce the listeners to a furious yet rather gloomy rhythm.

“Vozrozhdenie” is definitely a solid interesting debut album that probably didn’t need a re-recording with fancy production to attract a wider audience.

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