Diabulus In Musica – Dirge For The Archons

Spanish symphonic metal act Diabulus In Musica returns with the fourth full length “Dirge For The Archons” which features the familiar and beloved symphonic style that is still trendy and relevant in the metal scene.

“Earthly Illusions” has a majestic catchy groove in perfect symphonic fashion with the right dose of solemn operatic choirs. Crunchy guitar riffs tend to provide a heavy backbone while the dominant melodic features are constantly emphasized by atmospheric or triumphant keyboards.

“Invisible” revolves around emotional melodies well portrayed by Zuberoa Aznárez’s soprano style passionate vocals. Classical operatic choirs and atmospheric keyboards enhance the melancholic nature of this song and add a darkened aura.

“Crimson Gale” has a strong symphonic core that immediately reminds of renowned Dutch band Epica. On this song grandiose operatic choirs and inspired melodic arrangements are always emphasized while guitars seem to gain power and spotlight only when the growls take over to channel a heavier groove.

With a circus freak inspired atmosphere “Ring Around Dark Fairies’ Carousel” is a fun song that feels like a dark lullaby or operetta with some creepy keyboards accents while Aznárez delivers a rather luminous performance.

“Hiding From You” is a soft melodic track where, once again, keyboards arrangements are quite dominant while guitars seem to be pushed in the background except for a brief growls driven heavy moment. With a super catchy radio friendly chorus this song channels the romantic soul of a typical ballad.

“The River Of Loss” is all about pure melancholy channeled by layers of subtle dramatic keyboards, somber operatic choirs and fascinating vocals while the addition of growls doesn’t seem to be a must have.

Despite impeccable performance and execution “Dirge For The Archons” often suffers from lack of unique original ideas but if you’re in the mood for female fronted symphonic metal you might appreciate what Diabulus In Musica has concocted.

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