Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

Thrash revival keeps on going strong and in the midst of all this endless nostalgia another thrash legend Overkill returns with the new album “The Grinding Wheel” demonstrating that thrash metal is very much alive and relevant in the current music scene.

“Mean Green Killing Machine” features the expected dynamic thrash groove with a somber melodic breakdown and Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth proves to be in excellent shape effortlessly delivering his signature angry screams just like he did in the glorious 80s. Just like being stuck in a time warp  Overkill relentlessly unleash the most gritty range of guitar riffs supported by amazing thick bass lines that efficiently keep the groove going.

“Our Finest Hour” is all about crunchy guitar riffs that never fail to build a traditional catchy thrash rhythm and a shredding guitar solo adds the necessary dose of harmonies while Ellsworth delivers exquisitely vicious screams.

“Shine On” holds the unique energy of a healthy thrash rhythm with classic guitar riffs and another wild shredding solo while a super melodic breakdown channels pure melancholy with soothing arpeggios and calmer clean vocals.

“Let’s All Go To Hades” feels like fun bar song with its rebel irresistible guitar driven groove and despite the evident lack of incredibly creative special effects the crunchy guitar riffing is highly enjoyable.

The title track stands out for its unexpected style variety successfully blending an old school ensemble of thrash riffs and blasting drums with a more melodic progressive sound. The slowed down tempo enhances the darkened solemn atmosphere particularly enriched by sober choirs and charming moody guitar work.

Overall, “The Grinding Wheel” might not be the flawless masterpiece that Overkill’s long standing fans expected to hear but it is certainly an entertaining thrash album that showcases a remarkably sincere energy.


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