Kreator – Gods Of Violence

German thrash icons Kreator are back in great shape with the brand new full length “Gods Of Violence” which never fails to channel the band’s musical legacy with a strong collection of guitar driven thrash anthems and scattered classic metal influences.

“World War Now” relies on a fast bombastic ensemble of tight guitar riffs to deliver a thrash wall of sound. Beside some inspiring melodic breakdowns there might no be exceptionally creative elements but the lead guitar passages and solo are compelling enough to keep the listeners interested.

“Satan Is Real” maintains the expected thrash spirit with powerfully groovy guitar riffs. While the chorus tries to be as catchy as possible the highlight can be found in the crispy melodic guitar solo licks and shreds.

“Totalitarian Terror” has a more aggressive rhythmic backbone supported by Mille Petrozza’s raspy vocals. There is an intense thrash revival vibe but effortless full blown shredding lead guitars always bring an appealing dose of melodic classic metal.

The title track offers a soothing intro of melodic somber arpeggios and the main musical theme soon acquires a faster transcendent thrash mood that reaches its natural acme in the catchy old school chorus. Again, with tempo variations and highly enjoyable shredding, lead guitars gain a rather dominant role delivering super groovy melodic accents.

“Army Of Storms” relies on a no frills borderline brutal thrash rhythm that later tends to sacrifice its inner audacity with a generous dose of classic metal melodies. While Petrozza on vocals tries to channel some arcane fury the rhythm slows down as the guitar solo continues to enhance the melodic aspect and polish any rough edges.

“Death Becomes My Light” kicks off with a dramatic melancholic atmosphere and brief clean vocals but soon picks up a catchy mid paced rhythm that puts aside any expected thrash brutality. This track might sound almost mellow to a traditional thrash crowd but certainly holds a palpable inner energy constructed in classic metal fashion and the remarkable guitar work full of grandiose shredding will attract a wider audience.

Even if “Gods Of Violence” contains some average fillers it will be easily appreciated by Kreator’s faithful fanbase as after decades the band is not slowing down and mostly remains true to the infamous thrash style.

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