Vermilion Whiskey – Spirit Of Tradition

Hailing from Louisiana Vermilion Whiskey is ready to release the new effort “Spirit Of Tradition” which promises to deliver an entertaining wild mix of stoner and southern rock.

“Road King” stays true to a familiar vintage rock sound that calls for long nights of booze and fun. With a massive dose of dirty rock guitar riffs and raspy rocker style vocals this songs carries the genuine rock roots of a golden era.

“Come Find Me” starts with somber tones that effortlessly gain melodic accents with slower doom attitude in the lead guitar work while tight guitar riffing keeps a catchy rock rhythm alive.

“Monolith” again channels a darkened doom atmosphere with slower and guitar solo harmonies while the traditional southern rock influence stays strong in the heavy rhythmic backbone.

With only six tracks Vermilion Whiskey successfully grabs the listener’s attention and raises curiosity for the band’s next venture as “Spirit Of Tradition” is filled with classic rock guitar riffs that never fail to deliver a healthy groove.

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