Greywind – Afterthoughts

Irish siblings Greywind dream big and aim to leave a powerful mark as the next alternative rock talent with the debut album “Afterthoughts”.

The title track is all about soothing arpeggios and dreamy themes all focused on Steph’s fragile vocals and while there are some charming arrangements the repetitive pop melodies are always more dominant.

On “Forest Ablaze” simple melodic guitars attempt to lead the game and the instrumental aspect of the song brings an interesting sonic balance while the chorus bears a forced overdose of pop catchiness with Steph’s loud vocals.

“The Lake” shines for a darker atmosphere and the minimalist dreamy arrangements feel more spontaneous and organic while the vocals fail to channel the same somber emotional quality.

On “Car Spin” there is a palpable attempt to sound more alternative with a modern sonic approach and dirtier rock style guitars but the radio friendly chorus seems to overshadow everything else.

“In Autumn” has an uplifting mood with delicate arpeggios, vocals are slightly toned down and the minimalist atmospheric layers take the center stage.

On “Afterthoughts” Greywind is trying really hard to deliver songs that can be played daily on the radio and reach the widest audience possible, nevertheless both songwriting and music style lack the unique creative force and style necessary to stand out in a crowded music scene.

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